The Story Of Faith The Dog

December 8, 2012 | 7 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

faith the dog

faith the dog

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  • Blackgirlsftw

    You think that dog would get tired standing upright like that, but cool

  • agon23

    you guys are retarded. The mother’s instinct are correct, this dog has a genetic deficit and the kindest thing to do is to put it to sleep. this is the reason we still have down syndrome or mental retardation in kids, like fragile x. if you have a genetic deficit, you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

    • agon23, thanks for your input. There was another man not long ago who had the exact same notion and his name was Adolf Hitler. Part of his Nazi’s Party campaign included the euthanasia of the mentally retarded.

      My wife is a special education teacher and I’ve had the great privileged to donate my time playing Special Olympics in the past and meeting her students and I can tell you one thing that assures me in my convictions, these children suffer some of the worst maladies a person could suffer and are often mocked and made fun of by the cowardly, cruel likes of you, and I have yet to find kinder, more gentle hearts than some of these children you think don’t deserve the right to live. And what makes you think you have that right to choose whether they live or die? Sounds very Nazi of you.

      In closing, I hope you either find something in my words to reverse your thinking on these matters, but I rather doubt that will happen. So, provided you don’t change that deluded, hateful mind of yours, I sincerely hope you die a painful death and/or suffer a terrible accident rendering you “retarded”. Also that you are alone and scared and if there is a God and Heaven and Hell, I hope you burn in Hell for your cruelty and Nazi-ideology.

      And no, I’m not a church going Christian nut, just a man who has had the honor of witnessing the miracles of these special children who have been touched by God.
      Finally, eat shiet and die you cock-sucking waste of human life.

      • Colonelwhisky

        To agon23 and Adam, you both are correct. A human is an animal and like any other animal it can be bred to produce specific traits or to omit others. In my family line we are prone to depression and spinal problems. Does that mean my family should be culled due to defects in our genetic line. No, because humans thankfully have developed compassion. Does it mean I should have kids knowing they might also have the same genetic problems, that’s a harder question and a personal one.

        Eugenics, it may not be morally correct but biologically its spot on.

        • Humans are not “animals”. I just proved my point with that sentence. Animals are not self-aware, do not have notions of “right and wrong”, and there are a million other things separating humans from animals.
          That being said, we are biological beings. Sure, in nature a creature with a genetic deficiency of some sort is unlikely to survive/reproduce. “Survival of the Fittest”.
          As I said, humans (grown up, mentally sound ones) are capable of thinking outside themselves, distinguishing between right and wrong, and showing something that exists in some household animals (to a degree), but is otherwise the only beings on Earth capable of affection, love, mercy, and morality. agon23 seems to lack these qualities, or at least tries to pretend he does. Would you really kill a child, a baby (born or unborn), or even force sterilization upon them to help keep our species free of “genetic deficits”? Pathetic cowards like yourself need to grow the fuk up and look beyond yourself, experience things that you’ve only read about or seen on TV.

          • THATguy

            man, you’re a d*ck

    • johncunningham

      well, agon23, as it happens I have an IQ of 155, so you are retarded compared to me and some of my friends. given your genetic defects, you should be put down, but I think a painful method would be best. how about if you just eat shit and die, you subhuman pile of excrement?