Gamers Unite! This Post Is For You!

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“Hank Hill” joined campaign and started carrying around a propane tank everywhere, even through safe rooms.











Bootyassin’s Creed 3 in a Nutshell


Back in my day we had to work for our games


How I play Hitman 


So I found a picture of my brother and I playing N64 for the first time…


Battlefield 3 realism


Some kid brought this into GameStop to trade in, worried we wouldn’t take it without the cover art, so he drew his own. This masterpiece will never be altered!


The comic strip from the final issue of Nintendo Power is really touching, I took a picture of it for those who hadn’t had a chance to read it yet. Enjoy. (click to enlarge)


The Sims in a nutshell


Was playing some Skyrim, and I still can’t comprehend this logic…


GTA IV on Wii U? 


Oh wow, he actually glanced at her cleavage. Good job, Nintendo.


When I see I can go fishing in pretty much any game…


Gaming’s greatest mustaches 


GTFO my face


Found my Gameboy Camera. 11 year old pictures still there


Replaying GTA IV after over 60 hours of L.A. Noire 


Nintendo Secret Santa 


Convinced the wife to let me choose the tree topper


Like I give a fuk


This is where we separate the boys from the men 


14-Year-Old Tiger Woods playing Zelda


Bought a meal at Taco Bell and got this in return


I used my sister’s account on Xbox Live to play the new Call of Duty… I now have pity for gamergirls, and what they have to deal with


This is why I love Far Cry 3