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December 13, 2012 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

Props to Kyle Kinane for his astute observation. Props to the commenter on reddit for offering an equally hilarious observation about his bunnies…

I own two rabbits, one male (fixed), and a younger female (who isn’t fixed yet). He’s mounted her a couple times, and it is painful to watch. It is very… rapey… He’ll corner her, violently mount her, rip clumps of hair out, and then hold her down and lick her ears afterwards, but her eyes are lifeless. Completely and entirely disturbing. I try to keep them off eachother. But since, he’s gotten much more docile. Edit: [He no longer mounts her, but she started mounting him.] He pretty much lets her do whatever she wants to him. Also, she squirts. She’ll see him, and start squirting all over the floor, and then run up and mount him. Sometimes she’ll mount his face and squirt all over it. She mounts cats, too….

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