Thank You!

December 31, 2012 | 14 Comments » | Topics: main

thank you

Before we enter the new year, I just want to thank each and everyone of you who come to the site. I am truly grateful for your continued support. I try my best everyday to put up awesome content to help ease you through the day and that has always been the driving force behind the site and it will always be. In 2013 I’m going to do my best to improve upon the site, add new features and make the site as awesome as it can be for you guys. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know. I read all your feedback and it definitely helps me improve the site. I also want to be the first to wish all you guys and gals a Happy Fuking New Years!!!! Be smart and SAFE tonight. If you can’t find a designated driver, take a cab. The peace of mind you’ll have throughout the entire night is well worth the fare.

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  • Medra

    More redheads!

  • Toff

    Good job, and a happy New Year to you as well!

  • Antonio

    Thank you a lot! Without this site, Internet would not be the same!

  • yanni

    good job!

  • David O ‘ G

    Dude seriously. Great site. Always adds a little something to my day. My addition you could make for 2013 though. Where the hell is the caveman or the circus? We want more.

  • Ebrahim Chand

    Thank you for everything. I love your site and it brings joy to me everytime you put new content up and thank you for spending time in your day to add new content. Much obliged.

  • will

    Your site is awsome ! great job !

  • Karl Omari

    Your site rocks dude !! The content is intelligent and insightful. Keep it up !

  • Drew

    I love your site! Thank you for bringing a little more beauty and humor to my day! WIN!

  • P.

    Once I thought you were going to shut the site down. Don’t you ever do that. Congratulations on the great job you do here. Greetings from a foreign land.

  • Luap57

    The only suggestion I have is that you site loads slowly and sometimes times out, so it has to be refreshed. You might consider less GIF’s, otherwise I really like visiting. Thanks

  • Mike Bennett

    I love this place I come here a few times a day! Thank you for all you do!

  • Rj

    Ok, I’ve waited untill night here in Spain to be able to write this in relax. First of all, sorry for my english to everyone who read this note. I enter this site daily, everyday 9 or 10 times and the words that you deserve is “Thank you”.

    Thank you for the GIFs, because with them you manage to make our days more bearables. Thank you for the girls, for select the best of the web just for us. Thank you for make our days happiers with the LOL’s, with the Awesomes and with the stories.

    And thank you for the motivation posts. I always try to say it to you in every one, but this web has made me smile in moments no one could do it, and I will be allways grateful for it.

    Thank you for all, men. This site, and you, are FukING AWESOME.

  • Jsta

    Great site man I come here at least a few times a day. Also really appreciate when you asked for feedback awhile ago and definitely noticed you followed thru with it. Seriously love this site.