Calling Out All Fitness People And Gym Rats; A Fellow Caveman Needs Your Help!

January 10, 2013 | 7 Comments » | Topics: main


Got this email the other day asking for some fitness advice, although I’m the last person you should ask about fitness advice. Can anyone else hook this dude up with some tips or a workout plan?

I really want to request a tip for people who have trouble finding good workout routines. I was never a really good workout person though I wrestled in high school and have time to go the gym. I did P90x but because I am a full time student it took me a year to complete it. I feel like I am not unhealthy by any means, but I am at a plateau when it comes to fitness. Can you give some suggested workout plans and explain for people who can’t pick up 60 lbs and do curls. Sometimes the weights are the biggest issue.