Calling Out All Fitness People And Gym Rats; A Fellow Caveman Needs Your Help!

January 10, 2013 | 7 Comments » | Topics: main


Got this email the other day asking for some fitness advice, although I’m the last person you should ask about fitness advice. Can anyone else hook this dude up with some tips or a workout plan?

I really want to request a tip for people who have trouble finding good workout routines. I was never a really good workout person though I wrestled in high school and have time to go the gym. I did P90x but because I am a full time student it took me a year to complete it. I feel like I am not unhealthy by any means, but I am at a plateau when it comes to fitness. Can you give some suggested workout plans and explain for people who can’t pick up 60 lbs and do curls. Sometimes the weights are the biggest issue.

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  • Mike Bennett

    I hear this all the time from people. They see me in the gym every night and the request a workout routine. I honestly got tired of answering them because most of them wouldn’t last a month anyways. To start a routine and stick with it you have to last 30 days. And to keep it simple as far as a routine in the weight room my advice is “JUST SHOW UP AND DO WORK”! There is no right or wrong way to come in and lift weights. Keep it simple! Arms one day legs the next! Try finding 6 stations a day and do 5 reps of 10 of each station. That will be a great workout. Just by showing up and observing others you will learn hundreds of new lifts and workouts and you will end up creating your own routine. Like I said….JUST SHOW UP AND DO WORK!

  • AHoL

    p90x didnt work for me either. Insanity was MUCH better! give it a go, its shorter per day and only lasts 60 days. fair warning: its hard as fuk!

  • dc

    Check out the book “New Rules of Lifting”
    My college track coach recommended it to me my freshman year. I’ve had great gains in the weight room and still use the strength program when I’m not doing event specific lifts.

  • Yuuuup!

    Sometimes your body just won’t let you. Could be that you’re doing too much at a time. Be more specific about your goals and tackle one at a time. The Internet is an excellent research tool, but things that work for some wont work for others. All based on your build and genetic phenotype. Plateaus can be overcome by changing your routines and excersize frequently. Lots of reps with low weights the low reps with heavy. Mix it up and most important… Always be aware of what you feed your body! Diet is THE most important factor.

  • Kenneth

    hey guys

    Im no pro in fitness or bodybuilding, although I am a doctor and so i have a basic understanding on human physiology. Thats why to me te most appealing workout routine is are the ones based on the mike mentzer method, e.g. High intensity. Works great for me.

    Here is my advice (although I havent read the book mentioned above so that might be a good advice as well):

    First understand that there are 3 fundamentals to buidling muscle:

    1. triggering a respons (lifting weight)

    2. Rest (so your body can recover and hypertrophy of triggered cells can happen)

    3. Enough building blocks for recovery and growth (intake>usage; calculate how much calories you need and make sure to get the minimum amount of protein required for growth)

    Eacht of these 3 fundamentals should be given equal importance

    What you can try is a split routine, not hitting the gym more than 3x a week.

    I do this routine: day 1: back + 2 days of rest, day2: front, day 3 (day after day 2): legs + 3 days rest

    Each routine I add 2,5 kg (= 5 lbs) or 10% of the total weight, If I cannot lift it for at least 7x, it means I havent eaten enough or I havent had enough rest, so I quit and return home (but this doesnt happen a lot luckily).

    back = deadlift (1x warmup 10 reps low weight, 1x to failure), pulldown (1 set to failure)

    barbell row (1 set to failure), dumbell shrug (1x to failure) , biceps curl

    Front= Bench press )1x warm up, 1x to failure), front press 1x to failure, side raises to failure 1x, triceps pulldown 1x to failure, dumbell flys 1x to failure, abdominals 3x 12

    Legs = Squat 1x warmp up, 1x to failure, Lunges 2x 12 reps, Calf raises 4x 12 reps

    thats it. Each workout takes around 45 minutes. 3 times a week.

    Gave me 13 lbs of lean muscle in 6 months now 🙂

    I hope this is of any use to you!

    Im from the Netherlands so forgive me any typing errors

  • check out It’s the best by far of a diet and lifting program. Use the starting strength by Mike Rip and use Martin’s intermittent fasting approach. The site has all you need. You will lift three times a week and fast for 16 hrs with an 8 hour window for you to eat. High carbs High protein on workout days. High fats High Protein on non workout days.

  • Jake

    My suggestion, youtube videos. Find a routine on youtube that has millions of views, do that routine and every few weeks or so find a new routine on youtube to follow for the next couple of weeks, so your muscles don’t get accustomed to one particular workout. Exercising doesn’t have to be difficult, simplify it and do what other buff people do, except on your level. Most importantly, no excuses.