For Anyone Stuck In The Deep, Dark Trenches Of Internet Porrn And Fapping, Read THIS

January 10, 2013 | 5 Comments » | Topics: Dating

no fap

Seriously guys, if you want to change something in your life quit fapping..

Read what I want to say: Fapping takes control of your mind, every bored minute of your life your dopamine-hungry brain longs for this digital stimulating nothingness called internet porrn. And most of the time your instinct to reproduce takes control of your whole brain, and that is when you lose against your addiction. Porrn addiction. This drive pushes you against a wall, grabs you into a deep whole of pleasure and regret at the same time. What have you earned in all those hours and hours of browsing and coming into a kleenex? Nothing. You have so much potential to reach your aims, but your wasting it by jizzing in your pants. Fapping makes you feel insecure, steals your sexual lust that can give you
endless power. Your brain is foggy, your mind a slave of its own, triggered by a placebo that gives you a feeling of pleasure for 20 seconds after hour long wasteful internet search. What are those short moments of satisfaction compared to a lovely relationship with that girl you always wanted to have as your girlfriend’? Nothing. Your brain gets a short feeling satisfaction and wants more. And more. And you don’t achieve anything. What is this short pleasure, a scourge of modern times, compared to a feeling of self control and this feeling of real love, that trumps all fap-sessions you have ever had’? Nothing I say. Overcome those desires and be disciplined, you are your own worst enemy. And only you can win against yourself. No more Fapping. No more Porrn. Go hard or go home.

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  • Chuck Schick

    OK, you tell us to stop fapping, then you post 32 pictures of Emma. NOT FAIR !!!

  • George

    But it’s so hard to stop (lol) see sex everywhere!

  • Thermo

    14 days and counting 😉

  • Brewdy

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever read. Fapping does not drain some limited supply of vital energy, haha. Sometimes, rubbing one out clears the head, lets you put sex behind you for a bit and get on with other things. The author of this article has some serious issues to deal with and instead he blames porrn and fapping.

  • D

    “Now back to our regularly scheduled programming – clothed pics of pronstars that will inevitably tempt you into googling their harder stuff.”