For Anyone Thinking About Taking Out A Crippling Loan To Attend A For-Profit College, Check Out This Documentary

January 13, 2013 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Movies

college inc

College Inc. is a insightful look into the seedier side of the for profit college system. Both the defenders and its critics are interviewed about the merits of the for-profit educational system and, in the end, the viewer can make up their own mind about the subject. But the evidence clearly shows that for-profits have very little value; is unaccredited, which means these credits don’t transfer to state colleges; has a poor quality education and often times costs far more to attend these colleges than it does a state college and a community college; and the quality of the education is often times very questionable. For instance, three nursing students Martha, Nora and Susan went to the for-profit Everest College. They never set foot in a hospital during their time there and their education mainly consisted of learning about The Church of Scientology’s Evils of Psychiatry. Another sad case is of one Ann Cobb, a 35-year old divorced woman, who is knee deep in $60,000 in student loans and only makes $8,000 a year on food stamps. Even after graduating, she still hasn’t been able to find a job and can’t pay off her loans. Other problems with the for-profits are pressure tactics used by recruiters to get as many people to sign up. The more people they get to sign up the more money they make so they sign just about any person off of the street without discriminating whether this person is a worthwhile college student. I recommend this film to any and all students who are thinking about going to a for-profit college.