For Anyone Having Trouble Paying For Their Medication…

January 19, 2013 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness

pharmacy discount card

by hackiepoodle

Hey guys, I wanted to spread the word about a card my therapist gave me a couple sessions ago

I’m uninsured, and get generic prescriptions, but they still cost a good bit. My prescription at Target for Citalopram is $26. My therapist gave me a card she received from the Community Bootyistance Program. I took it to Target when I needed my refill, then put the card’s info under my account without asking me ANYTHING about it, and that same prescription cost $9.

The card saves you a different price, depending on where you go. They have estimated prices listed on their site, based on where you’re getting it filled, what dosage you’re getting, etc. I say estimate, because when I went to Target, the price from the website was off by about 50 cent or so.

Anyway, you can either print out the cards yourself and use them that way, or you can order a bunch (<50 cards = free shipping), and give them to your friends, family, homeless people, whoever you think needs help with their prescription. I’m about to put in an order myself for a bunch.

If you’re interested in seeing how much your prescription would cost with the card, check it out at this link-[1]

WARNING- This site takes a long time to load. I fear that if it recieves a lot of attention, the site might go down. Just in case it DOES go down, here’s a link to the cards that can be printed, in PDF form-

HUMAN card

PET card

IN FACT, if you’re just interested in getting a card for yourself, just use the two links above. I’d hate for the site to go offline for some little old lady out there who’s already struggling with the internet.

Oh, the other tip for saving money on your meds, it’s just a minor tip, is to get larger tablets and split them in half. My therapist knows I’m short on cash, and I have this one med called Deplin that is goddamn $50 a month. Well, the price is the same for both the 7.5mg and the 15mg. I’m supposed to take the 7.5mg, so she prescribes me the 15mg, I cut them in half and I’m able to save $25 a month that way.

Your doctor may not be so understanding. Some doctors are assholes! Some meds are controlled substances, so there’s nothing they can do there, understandably. If you’re interested, ask your doc about it, see what they think, and you might be able to save some money!