Food Poisoning Sucks

March 1, 2013 | 4 Comments » | Topics: main

food poisoning

Word of advice, check the date on your eggs before you consume them….unless you want to be spending the next 24 hours hugging the toilet and praying to god that you have time to unload the leakage from your ass before the vomit comes spewing out of your mouth. Oh and let’s not forget the fever, the aching and the cramps that weasels its way in like it some fuking party…fuking eggs.

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  • Me

    I and I suppose this is why there was no “Dumping Grounds” yesterday? UNACCEPTABLE!! Step into my office…!

  • Justatip

    I always submerge my eggs in water before cooking them. If they float, throw them away. If they sink, dig in!

  • Jon

    Yes it does. Next time get a soup pan and sit on the can. Problem solved.

  • I got food poisoning about a year ago, lost about 20 – 30 pounds. Of which, probably 90% was water weight, likewise, I was happy that the bathtub is right beside the toilet, because some times, the water couldn’t decide which end to come out, so it just used both…