Holy Crap, I Almost Forgot The Weekly Reaction GIFS!

March 1, 2013 | No Comments » | Topics: GIFs

When it’s Friday


When my friends are fighting and I don’t know what to do 


When Google Maps isn’t working and my wife asks me if I know where I’m going


When a friend writes something sexual on a girl’s facebook picture


When the waitress tries to stack another dirty plate on her pile


When my wife says that we are going to the mall to buy me new clothes.


My friend and I’s reaction when our buddy came to my house at 3am to tell us he finally hooked up with the girl he’s been after for months


When I have the munchies and run into a cop at Taco Bell


 When I hear a knock, but i’m not expecting visitors


When someone is complaining about being in a relationship


Whenever I see my cheating ex on campus


 When I actually get a handshake right with a black dude


When I make eye contact with an attractive woman


Whenever someone deliberately acts stupid for attention, i.e jumping over hedges after one beer 


Watching the smokers go stand out in the pouring rain


When my cell phone falls in-between my car seat and the console