Easy To Understand Explanations Of 3 TV Shows That Thoroughly Confused Us

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x files

The X-Files plot arc was about a group of people (The Syndicate) who were trying to negotiate with an alien species (The Colonists) that was intent on taking over the world, wiping out humankind in the process.

First contact with the aliens occurred in 1947, when one of their spacecraft crash landed in the desert in New Mexico. In the face of the inevitability that the superior alien intelligence and technology would ultimately beat them, a small group of powerful men negotiated an agreement that humanity would be allowed to continue in the form of an alien-human hybrid. The Syndicate spent most of its time helping The Colonists develop the hybrids by keeping them supplied with human foetuses. However, they were also covertly working on a vaccine that would save humanity from this awful fate. Unfortunately, The Colonists had lied to The Syndicate about what their plans were.

The Black Oil that was supposed to create a human-alien slave race, was in fact a virus that created aliens inside the human host and their true intention was to wipe out humanity and take the planet for themselves. The Syndicate’s discovery of this betrayal led The Colonists to develop a race of Super Soldiers to ensure that the colonisation of Earth would not be prevented. The series ends with the revelation that the alien invasion is due to start in December 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar.


x files

LOST is a show about a group of people who crash on an island, a remarkable and special island. See, the island is a mystical and magical place that is searched for and intentionally hidden by many different groups of people throughout time. But why is the island so special? The details are alluded to but never directly announced, all we know is the island acts as a cork that seals in an unforeseen force.

Jacob is the protector of the island along with his brother who is referred to as "The Man In Black," however, his brother wants off the island, while Jacob chooses to stay and protect the island. Again, never explained but announced is the idea that The Man in Black cannot directly kill Jacob, so he must have someone else do his dirty work for him. For over 2000 years Jacob and The Man in Black play a game where MIB brings people to the island to fuk with Jacob and attempt to kill him. Jacob always outsmarts MIB and thus continues their eternal struggle. So MIB lays out a long term plan in which he will bring multiple people to the island over thousands of years acting as a multilayered plan to kill Jacob. However, Jacob always has loyalist to his cause known as The Others, who are lead by different men throughout history,

Lets move to the 1970’s! Using modern science, a group of researchers locate the island and set up a settlement there. Doing science shiet they sort of fuk up and drill into an electric magnet hotspot, releasing a massive amount of radiation that has to be contained and maintained every 108 minutes. A few years later, some asshole kid with daddy issues decides to join up with the others and kill all of these scientists using chemical weapons.

Let’s move to current day! Oceanic flight 815 is flying along (minding it’s own business) when the island gets all OAG and pulls it down. The show centers around these survivors and focuses on their personal transformations on the island. We got a guy who used to be a drugged out rock star, a woman who had cancer (yet was cured on the island), a convict, and a cripple who can magically walk on the island. Since all these people have different life stories they all view the island different way. See, some of the people are r/christianity and some people are r/atheism, this eventually divides the survivors into two camps.

What is not immediately apparent is that all these survivors are actually hand chosen by Jacob and brought to the island with different purposes to play as pieces on a chess board, or backgammon, if you please. Jacob and MIB are playing a very carefully crafted game using these people for good and evil. If MIB wins then the cork comes out and the world ends, and if Jacob wins the world is protected. Black and white, light and dark, blah blah blah.

Also, there is a Dog named Vincent who is owned by a magical black child who gets too old to be on the show so is promptly written off.

Any-hoo, MIB actually convinces that little biatch with daddy issues to stab Jacob in the heart and kill him (just his physical body, baby, he’s still Soul Jacob), thus releasing the lock on MIB!

So the survivors get all "hell no" about this and do everything they can to stop him, but he’s all immortal-n-shiet, turning into black smoke and killing people, so,they’re fuked. That is, until an Irish bloke who likes to say "Brother" every line goes down into a cave and (I am NOT making this up) pulls a giant cork out, rendering MIB mortal, thus allowing him to get shot and killed by Kate, a shiet-tier character. The cork is placed back and all returns to normal.

After killing MIB, some characters get off the island while others stay back to protect the island. Eventually, they all die and meet up in the after life and are all happy about being tied together in saving the world.


x files

"Bob" was the killer. He is from the Black Lodge, a timeless surreal room which bleeds into the real world faintly in the woods around Twin Peaks. "Bob" and his influence, is represented onscreen by owls ("the owls are not what they seem"). His food is "garmonbozia", or sorrow/regret, which is represented onscreen by creamed corn. "Bob"’s game is to wear people down through torment and take over their bodies, then fill their lives with sorrow and regret to feed on. He does this in Twin Peaks by molesting Leland as a child, inhabiting him, and forcing him to molest his daughter. Leland is half-aware of this, so he doesn’t fully know what’s going on but he still has sorrow from it.

The second resident of the Black Lodge is "Mike". "Mike" was "Bob"’s best pal and murdering buddy, but eventually they parted ways. "Mike" cut off his arm, which bore a fire walk with me tattoo that represented some affiliation between them. "Mike" appears on earth in the form of Gerard, the shoe salesman, and his arm appears in the form of the man from another place (the dancing dwarf). Note that when these two forms are together, as they are at the end of Fire Walk With Me, they speak in unison — the little guy is Gerard’s sacrificed arm.

The presence of black lodgers is noted by the odor of burnt motor oil.

So "Bob"’s needs escalate. He makes Leland kill a woman upstate called Theresa, who looks an awful lot like Laura. Then he makes him kill Laura. The FBI notices a connection between the two, and Dale Cooper is sent in to investigate Laura’s murder.

Meanwhile, "Mike" tries to throw spanners in "Bob"’s works. He appears in dreams offering surreal advice to Cooper. "Mike" tries to tell Laura what’s going on (the road-rage scene), angry that "Bob" stole the corn(apparently prevented "Mike" from feeding on some sorrow/regret at some point, taking it all for himself).

Cooper enters the Black Lodge to rescue Annie. He winds up stuck there for at least 25 years, while "Bob" takes his place in the real world. We never find out what exactly he will do, because the series ends at that point, unfortunately.


Cooper is ‘special’ because, as the agent investigating "Bob"’s crimes, he’s the guy "Mike" is helping. "Mike" and his arm give Cooper all that dream advice, not only during the series but before. Remember the David Bowie scene? Cooper was alarmed that morning because "Mike" had been trying to give him visions and dreams about "Bob", not only about the high-school girl crying out for help, but about something happening that particular morning. And sure enough, something does: David Bowie escapes the Black Lodge that morning. And remember, the Black Lodge is timeless and formless; David Bowie breaks out and heads straight to the FBI, not knowing what year it is. He barges past Cooper, points to him, and tells David Lynch "Who do you think this is here?".

He knows that Cooper will be replaced by "Bob" at some point, but he’s a year or two early. He’s trying to warn everyone that Cooper isn’t really Cooper. Annie tries to warn Laura too, over a year before it actually happens, because the people in the lodge can’t see time properly.