I Need Your Help

April 4, 2013 | 22 Comments » | Topics: main

So I got this comment yesterday:

The auTo redirects to shietty ad sites are ruining this great site. Caveman circus used to be an awesome site to view from mobile but all these ads I’m been directed to without any say in the matter mean that I won’t be using it again until the issue is fixed.

I’ve been trying to recreate the problem on my phone and my other mobile devices and I can’t recreate it on my end for some reason. I’m trying to pinpoint which advertiser is doing this, but no luck. Can anyone check the site out on their mobile device and see if they run into the same problem and report back to me. Fuk these redirects, I hate it as much as you do and I wouldn’t compromise the integrity of this site and screw you guys over for a few extra bucks. Thanks for your help!

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  • BigG

    Nope, I aint getting any redirects. I used my iPhone and iPad and i’m in the UK

  • JCal

    I’m in San Francisco and no redirects either. I used my iPhone.

  • SlickW

    I’m on an S3 and no redirects

  • Froman

    a little slow to load because of the amount of ads, but seems to be fine, great site btw

  • wheresthebeef

    No issues.

    Browsing on a Galaxy S3 in Indiana with Sprint service.

  • shark

    using iphone from new delhi , india
    the site redirects

  • Drizzy

    “App center” on the iPad redirects me to the App Store. And there are some ads that compromise the site not making it viewable (due to googles malware protection).

  • Used an iPad, iPhone, Nokia Lumia 920 and Nexus 7, no problems on any besides not loading some flash content on the Apple shiet. (P.S the last part of this comment is my own personal opinion and is in no way designed to create an Apple-Droid argument. Stay away you hideous vultures.)

  • defiant

    Using a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 in the UK and I get an app automatically downloaded when I click one of your links. Its different each time but it is always porrn related.

  • Santos little helper

    Hey, I always have a problem with caveman circus and ned hardy. Loading either site in safari on iPhone 5 with JavaScript enabled, first directs to ads.loodyads.com, then yeahmobi.go2cloud.org , then hastrk1.com/serve?action then takes me to the App Store to download candy crush. There are a couple of other sites it goes to but it redirects so fast it’s hard to note them all. (Tracking.altrooz is another one) . Also sometimes get a popup from ad.yieldmanager.com.

    Hope this helps!

  • Captain “Sorry” Canada

    Everything is awesome! Via Iphone 5, Toronto Canada

  • Stumbleforth

    Droid Razer Max never had any issues besides slow load which isn’t even that bad.

  • hnnnnnnnnnng

    I normally browse with noscript since this site loads like a thousand scripts and then freezes pretty quickly and crashes Firefox. No redirects on my end, but if you’re talking about not compromising the site for extra bucks, maybe trim it down a little bit.

  • Gear7

    No redirects on my Galaxy Note 2. I wonder if malware has found its way onto their phones. Their is malware on PC that will do this on certain sites and it has nothing to do with the sites themselves.

  • shammy

    Sometimes I get redirected, sometimes I don’t. I’ve been used Safari and Chrome on an iPhone 5. Though it’s annoying, I’m able to circumvent the redirect by manually stopping the page via the browser when it tries to redirect me. Hope that helps patrons of the site as CC figures out what’s up.

  • Rob 1

    Like one of the users below, I’ve also been redirected to the play store on my android to download a game. (also candy crush I think.) It doesn’t always happen, but when it does you cant circumvent it or even view this page.

  • serge

    no redirects on my android. Use Chrome as browser. From Europe, Belarus.

  • Knoster

    I’ve got no problems with it, Samsung SIII with the dolphin browser. But the site is pretty damn slow on mobile. I don’t know how much work it is, but perhaps make a mobile version of the site all together?
    Great site, keep it up.

  • I’m using Internet Explorer 2.0 on my Nokia NMT-900, and I can seem to duplicate the problem.

  • mustachio

    No problems on iOS 6.1.2.Btw,amazing site!

  • Chris Queen

    Droid Razr. Redirect to “Candy Crush” in Google App store using both the phone’s standard browser and Dolphin browser. Does not happen on “sibling site” Ned Hardy

  • BIllin

    Aussie on nexus 7 android. Redirects to some porrn site. Googled this page trying to find a fix. Very annoying, but great site anyway.