This Guy Wins The Internet For The Month…His Name Is Charles Ramsay

May 7, 2013 | 3 Comments » | Topics: main

I’m awarding this man with winning the internet for the month. He saved a bunch of girls from slavery and imprisonment in some dude’s basement. One of the girls was Amanda Berry and she has been missing for 10 freaking years. Berry was last seen in 2003 when she was called her sister to say she was getting a ride home from work at the Burger King. She was set to turn 17 the day after her disappearance. Her mother died of heart failure in 2006. Not only is Ramsay a hero, he is also a gifted with that storytelling ability that I’ve been taking about. Holy crap, can he tell a story. Best quote from the interview: “When a white woman jumps into the arms of a black guy, somethin’ wrong here… dead give away. Deeead give away. Either she homeless or she got problems, only reason she run to a black man.” Classic.