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Every Warm Blooded, Whiskey Loving Male Should Know How To Properly Cook A Steak

May 21, 2013 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Food, How To

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  • StefTheChef

    if you follow these instructions, you gonna have a bad time.

  • StefTheChef

    if you follow these instructions, you gonna have a bad time.

  • jaczor

    Yeah, it’s a great ideo to poke the meat with a thermometer so that all the juices can escape…and pepper will ruin a good steak, salt is all you need.

    • Kody

      “pepper will ruin a good steak” – you, sir, have never tasted a good steak then.

      • jaczor

        A good steak has all the flavor you need, pepper only messes with it. Maybe the typical flavorless steaks that are common in the US do need pepper and other stuff to make them decent, but I assure you, that a proper steak from Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Japan (wagyu) or any other place that raises good cattle and feed them properly doesn’t need anything more than salt.

  • Moonbat

    I am merely a female, but you should try dousing the steak with lime and coating it with just Lawry’s seasoning. You’ll be more than willing to turn in our man card while chewing your amazing meat and crying like a little bitch the whole time.

    Oh, and cut your steaks up into nice slices after resting. People can grab whatever bit fits their doneness needs.

    While I’m sure I can out grill a steak than you, I do have your Touchdown chili cooking for the hundredth time right now.