I Think Many Of Us Can Use This Advice: How To Last Longer In Bed

June 4, 2013 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating

last longer in bed

by mybustersword

It really does depend. Do you do Kegel Exercises? Its the muscle that controls the flow of your pee. When you have to pee, stop yourself mid stream. It hurts a bit, but thats the muscle that I am talking about. What you want to do is exercise that. You should practice that, and do it a few times a day as if you were doing pushups. That should strengthen that muscle. Hold it for about 5 seconds at a time and relax, then do it again for roughly 10 minutes a day.

Now, you should also masturbate. This not only gives you an idea of what you like, and how to please yourself, but you have the opportunity to practice making yourself last longer while you do it. Also it will give you an idea of how the strengthening of your Kegel muscle works too by putting it into use. Some fun techniques-

Edging: get yourself close, then stop. Wait for the sensation to subside, then continue on your merry way. See how many times you can do this before you cannot stop yourself anymore. You usually won’t be able to much at first, but with practice it will get better. Furthermore, when you do have sex, this technique works great. You get yourself close, then pull out and stop for a bit and you keep going.

holding it: not recommended as much, but if you hold an orgasm in (i believe the term is giving yourself blue balls?) by flexing that Kegel muscle, you can stop the ejaculation. You may lose erection, and might need some more stimulation to get it back, but then you can go for a lot longer.

foreplay. Most important. My god, I cannot stress how important this is. The more time you spend doing foreplay and learning about your partner, as they learn about you, the better sex you will have. You find out their likes and dislikes, have the opportunity to give her multiple O’s from non-penetrative sexual acts (if its a woman. Male multiple o’s are something of a different matter but it can be done). You increase the sexual excitement for both partners, and tbh its probably more fun than the actual sex. It won’t matter how long the actual intercourse lasts because fuk, you both just were feeling wild. Especially if your partner is a woman, she needs this to be number one on your list.

empty your load beforehand: This coincides with masturbating, but by ejaculating a few hours before having sex will make it significantly longer to ejaculate when you do have sex. Mostly due to the male refractory period. Some women can orgasm one after another. Some men can too, albeit much more rarely. The refractory period is a physical come down after an orgasm that your body needs a rest. This is why holding the orgasm as described above can make the erection go away.

-Breathing. Breathing is important in every aspect of life. you probably aren’t doing it right. Most people do shallow breathing- from their chest, when you should be breathing from your diaphragm. Put your hand on your stomach and breathe in and push your stomach out like you are "making a baby". This is how your breathing should be, not coming from the chest. You will perform better and longer at sex, as well as at life

Don’t go in all the way. This is similar to foreplay and teasing, but entering completely is stimulation to the MAX. Go in a few inches at a time, reducing the surface contact to vagina ratio and helping you last longer.

Change positions often. My personal favorite, as they not only add breaks to the sex (stop start method!) but also make it more fun to try things around. Sometimes it gets boring to stay the same. Changing it up makes you kinky, some people like that. Not to mention, being on the bottom uses the loving force of gravity to make it more difficult to orgasm as a male, than on top.

Drugs and Alcohol– not recommended either, but a moderate amount of intoxication can make you last longer, if not indefinite. By that i mean, you may not ejaculate that night. You may even lose your erection and the ability to get one. It takes practice to get it right. It also can be fun to do it together with your partner, in responsible ways of course.