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June 6, 2013 | 7 Comments » | Topics: main

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  • bob

    wtf…did the kill someone to bring ron back??

    • The Other Bob

      I think he killed himself to bring Ron back, that’s him back in ‘eternity’ alone at the end.

  • jaczor

    Am I the only one not getting this?

  • Ozman


  • Mdk92

    He actually cheated death by sacrifing OLD Ron’s body for the NEW Ron.And instead of taking his life,again,he found a new porpose,giving life back to others.Thats what I understand from this.Or he just killed himself again,I don’t know.MindFuk!

    • CaliCal

      He killed himself again. He was going to use the old Ron but he needed a living sacrifice so he killed himself..after he was given a second chance at life. Makes no sense really

  • jayman419

    I think he just hated the idea of spending eternity with Ron. And since Ron was reformed, he would make a good use of the second chance.