A Bitter But Necessary Pill That All The Friendzoned, Nice Guys Need To Swallow

July 15, 2013 | 7 Comments » | Topics: Dating

harsh truth for nerds

harsh truth for nerds

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  • jaczor

    “…sooo, does that mean you don’t want to go to the movies with me?”

  • cow

    Tuesdays y’know …

  • AP

    many posts on the introverts justifying the shietiness of being shy as a world of their own and bullshiet!
    This post tells the truth! Introverts suck! 😀

    • bloodrocuted

      Hey hey now. Fuk you proper. Introverts can be just as self-assured and fun-loving as any extrovert.

  • RandomLife

    If you want savage and uncivilized,date Chris Brown.You get the whole caveman experience.The occasionally rage and throw chair through the window stunt,the punch in the face and break up,STDs and much more.A 100 years ago the number of the population was 1.7 billion people.Now we are 7 billions.The reproduction system is fine.Don’t try to justify that being a slut is for the benefit of the human species.Homosexuals don’t reproduce,do you have something against them too?As for the “nice guys”,you should try to find someone that you have thing in common with,create a reletionship,not try to get luky with one of your friends…

  • DB5

    So, all shy guys who don’t make any friends in high school and don’t get dates are actually evil slobs who fail at life and should either get a vasectomy or stay alone forever to eliminate themselves from the gene pool for the good of humanity? Wow, I feel so enlightened!
    Okay, now I’m being serious. Are there assholes who just get close to a girl and bitch about it on the internet even though they made no actual effort? Yes. But not all introverts are like this. Some of em are just afraid of any human interaction. They don’t understand their own fear, and hate it. Maybe they’re mentally ill, maybe something in their life messed them up. My point is, the guy depicted here isn’t the majority. Introverts are not all at fault. I understand the message you’re sending here, but this seems to target a category of people that’s too wide.

  • Hanuman

    That chick is a real loser. Oh wait..dude lol..you wrote this story!