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Another Example Of Not Having Respect For Your Opponent: Shaolin Monk Gets Knocked The Fu*k Out!

July 27, 2013 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Sports, Writing

Much like the Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman match, leaving your hands down to disrespect your opponent has dire consequences, as this Shaolin Monk learns this invaluable lesson the hard way. Dude drops his hands and lets the dude tee off on him, gets knocked out worse than Deebo. Skip to 4:20 for the action.

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  • Danny Irwin

    I wouldnt say anderson was disrespecting weidman he is all about the art of the sport and respect he was just trying to get weidman to lose his cool and not stick to his game plan

  • jimeson

    he didn’t drop his hands he was knocked out by the punch that connected with his glove then he was standing there, black-out

  • Dean

    He wasn’t knocked out from the previous punch. If you watch his other fights ( and scroll to 14:50), he has a tendency to let the opponent get free whacks at him. Looks like he underestimated this guy’s punches.