Louis CK Delivers Your Daily Dose Of TRUTH

August 1, 2013 | 4 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

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  • jaczor

    Hmm, yeah, assuming he’s talking about the pyramids in Egypt, those were not built by slaves.

    • jonas

      jews were the slaves then

      • Admiral Obvious

        I believe Jaczor may be referring to the pyramids being built by the great architects of their time. The great architects came up with the ideas and the plans and the how to of course, even much of the fine detailing, however a LOT of the leg work was done by slaves when all other options were exhausted. The grey area comes from the slaves not necessarily being owned by the Pharaohs but the Pharaohs using private contractors to get the job done more efficiently than unskilled slaves. That being said the wealthy contractors owned their own slaves for their work force and used them where appropriate. Don’t need much training to push a giant rock across some logs, maybe a little more to position the logs but even then probably one of the slaves. At this point every theory is just that though, a theory, until we get a time machine working. Also yes in that region at that time the slaves were the jews.

        • Jonathan

          None of these are true; The pyramids where built by peasants, getting tax deduction by working on the pyramids. This is found out by tax records etc. I THINK even less by slavery than what Admiral Obvious is stating.

          Also, slavery is defined by people owned by other people, being bought and sold as objects. Chinese working under bad conditions (ex.) would not be slavery, but people not having another choice than working crappy jobs, and being taken advantage of by assholes.

          I am sincerely sorry for being a dick, but this was a daily dose of bullhicky.