A Simple And Easy To Understand Explanation Of What The Hell is Wrong With Everything

August 8, 2013 | 13 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

by Taniwha_NZ

This article brushes up against, but doesn’t really get into, the concept of ‘ponerology’.

This is the idea that a power structure, over time, becomes twisted by the work of relatively few sociopaths, until the entire structure and everyone in it behaves and thinks like a sociopath as well.

The idea that profit is the only thing that matters, that employees must be paid as little as possible, is a purely pathological judgement.

Pathological in this context means a decision that is overtly made on ‘rational’ grounds only. Much like the Randian philosophy of objectivism. I bet plenty of people will complain about that definition, I’m no expert in pathological mindsets. But having a perfection definition of ‘pathological’ isn’t necessary to recognise what’s wrong.

A pathological person will think any action is logical if they get an immediate benefit. The consequences for others are irrelevant, and so are the long-term costs. They are someone else’s problem.

The culture that currently surrounds the world of finance and business is exactly like this. The system itself has become pathological, as a result of years of sociopaths wielding great power. Now, even a decent humane person, once they get sucked into the corporate world, will find themselves making utterly pathological decisions and being congratulated for it by other decent humane people.

These people are not sociopaths, but we have internalised the idea that you have to behave like a sociopath to achieve anything.

Recovering the system from this point is a long and difficult process, and right now there’s nobody even willing to say there’s a problem. Which is pathological in itself.

EDIT: Bah… this has generated more comments than I can deal with. I know that I’ve not really explained this as well as I would now, but I’m not going to rewrite it.

If you disagree with me, perhaps look at other definitions of ‘ponerology’ via Google and see if you agree more with them. I think the theory has a lot of merit, but I have to acknowledge that it’s not a mainstream theory and is pretty much the work of one researcher and a small band of followers.

But I think it offers an insight into how things have got to this point. I think the fact that 1 in 25 people is a sociopath must be having a serious effect on our culture.


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  • volcrush

    for your next post asking for opinions on how to improve the site, i now have something to refer to. less this stuff.

  • Ram 32

    “A pathological person will think any action is logical if they get an immediate benefit. The consequences for others are irrelevant, and so are the long-term costs.”
    What complete crap. Elite’s didn’t get to where they are by thinking short-term. They plan years, decades, and even generations ahead. This “immediate benefit” thinking is what keeps poor people broke. Walk into a corporate board room and you will hear the exact opposite of what you claim above.

  • Matt Green

    Yeah, cause after all the “trickle up” thinking is working out great huh?

    • Jamie Waterman

      I never got a job from a poor person.

      • Kurtis Engle

        So, you count folks that own a McDonalds’ franchise or a Kwik-E-Mart as among the wealthy elite?

        • The term “wealthy elite” tends to be thrown around by pseudo-intellectuals on the far-left to negatively lump together anyone who has more money that the previously mentioned leftist, usually done out of jealousy.
          Care to rephrase your question?
          Also, to open a McDonalds franchise takes a MINIMUM of $500,000 of non-borrowed liquid cash, plus additional costs totaling in the millions. To most, that would be wealthy.
          But even McDonalds provides jobs for people, as well as education if you wish to become a manager. Many franchisees started off as fry cooks and burger flippers in a McDonalds, only to save money, go through training, and then open their OWN franchise, creating MORE jobs and stimulating the economy.
          Liberals HATE this. They would rather create more dependent servants.

          • Kurtis Engle

            Okay, I’ll rephrase the question.

            So, you count McDonalds among the places you would like to work?

            • I’ve worked fast food restaurants and was that to have those jobs when I had them. Have YOU?

              • Kurtis Engle

                Well, JW, you surprised me. I expected you would beg off. Because NOBODY wants a McJob. But you didn’t bite. I didn’t set the hook. I’m not reeling you in. It’s tragic. But I can still jiggle the bait.

                To paraphrase you, you’ve said you don’t need to rich to open a franchise, you just need a whole lot of money. And you can get it, working at McDonalds. And that’s why government should give money to wealthy people. And of course, you were speaking from your own experience.

                Is that what you meant to say?

  • Jim McCauley

    “The culture that currently surrounds the world of finance and business is exactly like this. ”

    It wasn’t always like this. Used to be when one worked for a company, one typically retired with that company. Now workers are disposable and the only thing on wall streets mind is the next quarter. Even if a company makes decent profits, if it didn’t live up to expectations, it is considered a failed quarter.

    Used to be when a company struggled, everyone struggled, even the top brass. Now executives get severance of millions to leave, and then hire some other schlup even more money – while cutting employees and payroll.

    Used to be when a company profited, everyone profited… everyone from the janitor to the executives.

    Since we have left that model where everyone is honored as an employee and a contributor to the company… we will continue with this downward trend of the middle class.

    the middle class is working harder than ever in productivity… but getting shafted every year by corporations.

    Time to lock up the sociopaths running and ruining businesses.

  • Thy

    Originally I was going to write a huge essay explaining what this article is trying to get at; but in the end I figured those who want to remain ignorant of the shift in economic policies that have been eroding the middle class for the last 30 to 40 years aren’t going to have the mental fortitude to read through anything more than 1 paragraph anyways, and will choose to continue clinging to their ideologies propagated by the sociopaths.

    Instead I will simply say Kudos to the site administrator for having the balls to put something like this up that would invoke some deep reflection on those who aren’t constrained to a set of ideology. Especially since I’m sure the majority of your readers would much prefer less thought provoking posts, and more pictures of girls to fap to. Now, I shall disappear into the wilderness of the internet….

  • Joan

    I think you are spot on, even have a few degrees in Psych to bolster my claim.

  • Lucretzia

    Steve gilbert- “Corporations don’t want to fire people.” ever hear of downsizing and the replacement of workers by technology? I think your the one without a clue.