How To Buy A Car

August 21, 2013 | 2 Comments » | Topics: How To

Tips from an ex-salesman:






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  • Jeremy Liggett

    Under the “Don’t let the nickle and dime you’ section – many, many options presented by dealers cannot be done after the time of sale and many products are actually very good. Sometimes it is more expensive to do them at the time of sale but I can attest to the fact that many products offered by dealerships are vastly superior to those you can buy yourself (any form of Gap/Health/Life/Disability Insurance is WAY cheaper than through an insurance provider and the paint/fabric protection is much better than what you could buy at a store and includes a better warranty). Having worked at several dealerships in several positions and having many family members in the business I can assure you that some (not all) of those options can be very beneficial and it’s not all just a markup for the dealership. Some of the products there is next to no markup at all in. If there is a value in something to you as an individual, don’t let the opinions of others dissuade you – make the best choice for you and don’t just assume that if it’s extra, it’s not worth it. The number of horror stories I’ve heard from people who are unprotected and have things happen to them is mind-boggling when, after they’d had the opportunity to protect themselves, scoffed at it.

  • Jeremy Liggett

    After reading the rest of this article I have to say flat out that some of these things are just wrong. A dealership/salesperson/internet manager/whatever is going to be frustrated if all you do is ask about price. You may know everything about the vehicle but if you actually come in to the dealership (even if it’s just to get a price) you will find that the likelihood of actually getting a BETTER price is much much higher. Dealerships are made up of people (some dishonest, but show me a collection of 100 car buyers where there aren’t dishonest people in that bunch too) and those people have fears just like you do as a buyer. What incentive does a dealership have to give you a really good rate or price if all you’re going to do is use it as leverage at some other dealership where you’ve already mentally committed to buying but want to save an extra $50-100? It can take quite a while to come up with numbers for a car. If your response to being handed this information that it took someone a lot of work to come up with is to never respond again and then go buy somewhere else, wouldn’t you be upset, too? Just be reasonable. We’re all people.