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Hot Girls In Bikinis…Nuff Said (24 Pics)

August 22, 2013 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Compilation

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  • Klug

    Dayum son

  • Klug2

    Don’t biatch about The Chive taking your posts and then obviously take a picture for your post that they obviously would’ve had first, AKA the hot girl IN THE CHIVE HAT. Moron.

  • Ms.Rossy Gomes

    Hi…Babies. My name is Ms. Rossy Gomes. Friends , I would like to share my personal experience. I got married on 23rd January 2014. After marriage we went for honeymoon. We spent more than 16 days out side. Really life became of beautiful and pleasurable. My Lovely husband is very very caring. Frankly speaking My husband made me more sexy and haughty. In hotel He was showing me all types of sexual movies. 8th day of my marriage I began to eat my Husband’s sperm. Because I saw from sex movies that how teenage girls are eating and licking sperm of Boys.. During Honeymoon I had eaten 7 night in the hotel. Gradually sperm eating became my daily routine. very soon it will be 2 months of my marriage.You know every day I have been eating his sperm. I do not know how I am habituated with this. We do hardly normal sex. I am so lucky because my husband never oppose d to give his sperm. Even I am very surprised to see that my figure has increased a lot . Because before marriage my weight was only 41 Kg…But You know presently i am 59 Kg. Many of my female friends got to know why I am gaining quick weight… According to them it is the sperm which is helping my huge figure. I think it is the creamy liquid which is responsible for body growth. Now I have decided to eat only twice in a week. Because slowly i have to give up my Husband’s cream. Because whenever i see these models I feel very unhappy…. because I want slim figure… You know from today onward i will eat only twice in a week. I love my Lovely lovely husband and his sweet cream……thanks.

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