Awesome Art Of The Day: Dude Named Jublin Animates Popular Movies And Television Shows Into Saturday Morning Cartoons

September 5, 2013 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Art

A soft-spoken cleaner takes on an eager young student and teaches her his skills.


A wealthy Manhattan businessman shares his love for music with his fellow coworker.


Two pals kick back and play video games.

A dentist and his new apprentice travel to Candyland looking for an old friend while meeting new ones along the way.

A hired gun almost gets fired after seeing himself and getting confused.

A talented dancer strives to be her best and prove to her friends and family that nothing is more important than following your dreams.

A group of counselors try to reopen a summer camp and “get busy”.

Whodunnit? Everyonedunnit? I’m not sure.

daaaa daaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaa BUMM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA boom boom boom boom boom boom

Things get wild and crazy at senior prom after everyone laughs at a funny prank.

A New York socialite stares at a window.

After her wedding is ruined, an upset bride travels around the world seeking out old friends.

A small fast man fights a very tall man.

The most beautiful man ever rides around town and plays beautiful music as everyone falls in love with him.

Men become mad after a secretary becomes drunk.

A curious boy climbs a very tall tower. Surprise!

An old man seduces young women.

An unlikely pairing become friends and play a fun game near the lake for a few seconds.

After bitten by a strange animal, a man becomes a strange animal.

During a boating trip, a young woman meets an unexpected suitor who invites her to his underwater home.

A scientist finally discovers the secret to invisibility, but doesn’t use it to enter the girl’s locker room.

As the sun sets, a group of friends spend the night in a large house, yet can’t seem to be left alone.

A stressed working girl relaxes at a cozy motel run by a shy young man devoted to his mother.

The romantic tale of former lovers that eventually doesn’t work out.

A group of men enter an oversized bullet and are shot from a cannon.

A down-on-his-luck chemistry teacher takes an eccentric young student on a field trip to the desert and learns a thing or two about friendship along the way.

A group of perse students argue and have fun during Saturday morning detention.

A group of perse students argue and have fun during study group.

A generous neighbor helps out a young family in need and drives a car.

A wealthy socialite chases a potential love interest to a quiet coastal town and plans to surprise him with a gift for his young sister. And then birds.

A young man graduates school, thinks about life, and makes hasty decisions.

Two men, with very different lifestyles, set aside their differences and join each other for drinks at a local diner.

Two unconventional bosses attempt to socialize in an incredibly awkward meeting.

An unexpected guest joins the crew of the commercial spaceship, Nostromo, for dinner and hijinks ensue.

A young man travels to Alaska and finds a magic bus, meeting plenty of fun and exciting characters along the way.

A friendly barbarian crushes his enemies, sees them driven before him, and hears the lamentation of their women.

A lovable car salesman hires two oddball criminals in an attempt to fix his financial problems.

A tough cop plays with kids.

An innocent cowboy moves to New York and befriends a tiny conman, in hope of becoming a great gigolo.

After spending 15 years locked in an accommodating hotel room, a carefree prankster is suddenly released and is like “WTF?”

A special episode educating teens on the dangers of harmless over-the-counter drugs.

After a gruesome murder in a small town, a fun-loving FBI agent drinks many cups of coffee and has strange dreams.

With the help of his new pal, a bored office worker creates a new social club to stay fit and make friends.

Four pals dress up in tuxedos and throw around a football until all hell breaks loose and friendships are torn apart.

A charismatic oil man with big dreams moves to California, yet butts heads with his new neighbor, a young preacher.

A family moves to the small town of Nilbog and realize the importance of reading words backwards.

A family man takes his wife and son to spend the winter in a lavish hotel in an attempt to break writer’s block.

In an attempt to pull of an elaborate bank heist, seven strangers stop being polite and start getting real.