You Didn’t Think I Would Let You Step Into The Weekend Without A Fitting Playlist Did You?

October 18, 2013 | 7 Comments » | Topics: main, Music

If you need help with the musical selection for this weekend festivites, let me be of some service to you. I put together a mix of music that will rock any party right. Enjoy, have fun, be safe!

Since LetsalljumpontheEDMbandwagon thinks my playlist sucks ass, I want to call him out and have him put together a more fitting playlist for all of us ‘bandwagoners’ to be enlightened by.

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  • D

    Good stuff! I would like to see more of this kind of playlist in this website! Keep it going!

  • LetsalljumpontheEDMbandwagon

    This playlist is weak as fuck. Did it take you a whole 5 minutes to find the tracks for it? There is more to this genre of music than the Beatport top 100…
    Fucking ignorant ass edm wannabee bros who don’t know shit. PLAY ANIMALS ONE MORE TIME. I DARE YOU.

    • bobcollum

      Don’t worry bro, I for one will never be jumping on this fag EDM bandwagon.

    • Chris Benoit

      Dude just called you out yo! Wheres your playlist at?

  • FatimaJoerling

    I am doing a dance when the Playlist is Play the song .

  • Kat-Dennings
  • Norm DePlume

    Does anybody remember what actual musical instruments sound like? For the love of God or whatever, every crap track sounded like my cat randomly stepped on keys for some cheesy amateur looping program. Pathetic