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Top 10 Scariest Movies Scenes Of All Time

October 21, 2013 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Best Of, List

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Being a avid horror fan, I can appreciate a scary movie scene when it deprives me of sleep for the next few nights after having watched it. While this compilation will scare the shiet out of 99% of the population, hardcore horror fans can only appreciate the awesomeness of these scenes .

Event Horizon ‘Hell’ Scenes

Se7en – The Sloth Victim

Exorcist Face of Evil

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Dinner Table Scene (1:18:00)

Exorcist III – Nurse Station Scene

Night Of The Living Dead: Daughter Stabs Mother

The Sixth Sense – Kitchen Scene

The Blair Witch Project – The House/strong>

The Ring: The Cursed Video

The Shining: Hallway Scene

The Exorcist: ‘Let Jesus Fcuk You”

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  • GreyMatter

    I’ve just got to watch the Exorcist Uncut again now

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