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November 7, 2013 | No Comments » | Topics: main

Incredible Photos From The Past Colorized! – Ned Hardy

First World Dog Problems – We Rule The Internet

Can You Believe She’s A Sports Reporter? – Knowd

What The Average American Male’s Body Looks Like – Crowd Ignite

Louisa Marie takes on the F-16 in high-res (92 HQ Photos) – The Brigade

Rihanna drinking out of a shoe – Drunken Ninja

Why People You Meet Aren’t Interested in You – The Dating Specialist

Mila Kunis panthose pic is hawt! – Celebrity Ninja

Then and Now – 90s Supermodels (16 Photos) – Leenks

5 Clever Movie Schemes You Didn’t Realize Were Stupid – Linkiest

Emily Scott is ridiculously hot – G-Celeb

20 of the dumbest things asked on Twitter – Bro My God

Diseases That Won’t Kill You But Are Truly Worse Than Death – Double Viking

A Soldier’s Pokemon – With a Twist Ending – Unreality Mag

This Teen Just Auctioned Her Virginity For $27,000 – Uncoached

The Kate Upton bodypaint video – Celeb Slam

If You’re Sexy And You Know It Take A Pic (15 Selfies) – Regretful Morning

Hot Michigan State cheerleader – Big 10 Tens

Rihanna Rocks Ray-Ban Wayfarers During Bikini Photo Shoot! – Moe Jackson