This Post Is Dedicated To All The Veterans Past, Present And Future

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Reaching for Rescue, Vietnam. 1968


Soldiers comfort each other during the Korean war in the early 1950’s


The 1913 Gettysburg reunion of 53,407 American Civil War vetererns of the Battle of Gettysburg’s 50th anniversary shake hands


91 Year Old Civil War Veteran Samuel Johnson at Memorial Day Parade Wilmington, DE 1941


WWI veteran assists two Civil War veterans, 1922


Two Civil War veterans from both sides shake hands at Gettysburg -1913


Out of the approx. 750,000 soldiers that fought for the South, these were the last three surviving Confederate Civil War veterans. Photo taken in 1951


Harlem Hellfighters – Soldiers of the 369th Infantry Regiment, (15th N.Y. National Guard Regiment) who won the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in action, WWI -1919


American soldiers returning from WWI on the USS Agamemnon, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1918


Christmas truce between Britain and Germany WW1, 1914


Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower addresses paratroopers on June 5th, the night before D-Day, WWII, 1944



American Paratroopers about to jump into Normandy, June 6 1944


Troops in an LCVP landing craft approaching Omaha Beach, Normandy, FR. D-Day; June 6th, 1944


D-Day June 6, 1944


Canadian soldiers land on Courseulles Beach in Normandy, on June 6, 1944



Soldier struggling to survive the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944


American soldier taking down a sign from a street named after Adolf Hitler in 1945


American soldier standing in the rubble of The Mounument to the Battle of the Nations near Leipzig Germany, 1945


African American soldier looks pleased to guard captured Nazi German soldiers. April 1945


Wounded Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jeremiah Purdie moves to comfort a stricken comrade after a fierce firefight for Hill 484 during the Vietnam War, 1966


The morning after a long night awaiting a Viet Cong ambush that never came. 40 miles East of Saigon, Vietnam, 1965


Hovering U.S. Army helicopters pour machine gun fire into the tree line to cover the advance of South Vietnamese ground troops in an attack on a Viet Cong camp 18 miles north of Tay Ninh, Vietnam, northwest of Saigon near the Cambodian border. March 1965


Khe Sanh, Vietnam, 1968


Pinned down by gun fire, a U.S. medic looks over a wounded comrade, Phu Loi, South Vietnam, 1966


Fallen soldier being raised to helicopter in Vietnam War 1966


Newly freed prisoners of war celebrate as their C-141A aircraft lifts off from Hanoi, North Vietnam, on Feb. 12, 1973, during Operation Homecoming


PFC Kyle Hockenberry who lost both legs and his left arm in an IED explosion


Fallen Soldiers Returning Home

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  • Who the fuck is cutting onions in here?

    • GunzOfNavarone

      Me, sorry!

  • Don’t worry, North Americans, you’ll have more opportunities to cry for your lost soldiers, as your Government goes into every war in this planet (causing them most times).

  • Johnny Sarcastic

    That’s not the Christmas Truce.

    It’s been passed around as such because it’s simply a photograph of
    World War I troops playing soccer (a truce match would also have German
    soldiers in it – note no German soldiers).

    The true and absolute origin – found easily with reverse image search – is right here:

    The image is owned by Britain’s Ministry of Information in their First World War Official Collection. It is a game consisting of “Officers and men of 26th Divisional Ammunition Train playing football in Salonika,” on December 25th, 1915. Not 1914, and not on the Western Front.

    The Great War is serious business. Being right about it even moreso.