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Liz Katz Is Giving Jessica Nigri A Run For Her Money For The Title Of The Hottest Cosplay Babe

November 18, 2013 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Babes

liz katz

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  • HutGirlCarnival

    Liz Katz is WAY hotter, but Jessican Nigri’s Cosplay is stronger.

  • Erick

    Unlike Jessica Nigri Liz Katz did porn so we get to see her naked. Just look up Risi Simms.

  • stef-ano

    sorry, no way.
    She looks a lot more like a bitch, Jessica Nigiri looks funnier, cuter, and more “enthusiastic” about cosplay.
    Plus, Jessica has way greater (not just bigger) cans….