A Tribute To Girls Who Are Doing Cosplay Properly

November 20, 2013 | 41 Comments » | Topics: Compilation

hot cosplay babes

hot cosplay babes

hot cosplay babes

hot cosplay babes

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  • meme

    beautiful women, but how many of them do you think actually follow the anime, read the comics or play the games?

    • Poop

      Most, if not all, of them.

      • BirdDogTed

        I know for a fact that cat woman is pron star torri black, chic washing the car is Sara underwood who got her start in playboy, she became playmate of the year and now works at G4. But really who cares if they do or not?

      • vine

        not a single one of them.

  • momo

    And if one of those women agrees to a date, would you mind if they do not follow the anime ?

    • aerial_assault_tc

      Yes. If they’re dressed as a character from a series I like, I would expect them to be able to engage me in a conversation about that series. They don’t have to be intimately familiar with every minute detail of said series, but at least know enough to hold their own in a discussion and not stare at me blankly because they have no clue what I’m talking about.

  • HutGirlCarnival

    The girl with the ugly tattoos is terrible at cosplay. Slutty costumes ≠ Cosplay

    • OPOP

      thats monika lee you idiot, shes an awesome cosplayer

  • john

    the catwoman looks just like Julie Newmar…wow

  • Was the Captain America costume body paint?

    • sbyrstall

      I came to attention when I saw her.

    • ohioborn30

      most likely. but it looks like the bots and shield where real

    • danny boudreaux

      nice picture, but if you look closer I think the cap one was photo-shopped (suit painted onto a posed body)possibly from a nude or semi nude picture . as a fanboy, I have to point out that would be the star spangled girl, caps daughter from another time-line

      • epobirs

        Really? I was thinking American Dream, from the M2 universe.

  • Confused

    Why are they all white and skinny?

    • Ry


    • Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior

      I said the same thing

    • ohioborn30

      hadn’t noticed since that are all hot

    • Bobbala

      They have to appeal to heterosexual men.

    • King Martin

      Cuz they so fucking sexy

  • Lorp

    A lot of these people are professional models, not actually cosplayers at all.

  • Rose

    So good cosplay is all about being white, female and slutty? How about those brilliant Sherlock cosplayers? They’re not on here.

  • danny boudreaux

    they are all white skinny girls cause if they were big fat black men no would check out the article…..stupid people.

    • Jane Smith

      Because non-white women are never attractive and never do cos-play. -_-

      • danny boudreaux

        plenty of non-whites (your words, not mine) are very attractive, and I’ve seen a few do dress-up/cosplay. if this person chose to ignore them, his loss. and my above comment was supposed to be facetious. (ie:sarcastic)

      • bobcollum

        Must suck having to constantly find something to complain about.

  • ohioborn30

    My fave is either rocketeer or Indiana jones

  • Penn2532

    Most of these girls are in shape, not skinny. Also who cares what color their skin is. Stupid how race is thrown into everything. You don’t like it make your own list.

  • FallenAngel

    Not all of them are white geniuses,the poison ivy chick is OBVIOUSLY GREEN,jeez,i hate colourblind peeps

  • FallenAngel

    And just because someone doesn’t include any dark skinned people doesn’t make it racist,and why is it always that only all white things are racist and no all black things,think about it.
    “Nothing is perfect,you just gotta live with what ya got”-black raven,the fallen trilogy

    • Jane Smith

      People just want to be represented. Stop trying to make that sound like a bad thing. On rare occasions, yes, things are made without white people because that’s the only way you’d ever see anyone else.

      • bobcollum

        Have you tried google instead of harassing this one site about it?

      • aerial_assault_tc

        Yet when so-called “non whites” ARE represented in “white” media, people like you are the first to cry out “Token minority characters are racist!” regardless of the fact that those “token” characters are often the most developed on the entire cast.
        Go eat a bag of shit-dicks, you racist a-hole.

  • Jane Smith

    A woman “doing something right” always involves a ton of t&a. Sad. To make things equal, bring on the male models with their junk hanging out and let’s call that cosplay.

    • bobcollum

      Cosplay does include males, but this is Caveman Circus, the target demographic is males aged 18-35. Hence, maximum t&a…not sad.

    • Speculator

      It does NOT always involve ‘t&a’.

      Does Hilary Clinton walk around half naked?

      Has Melinda Gates EVER been seen or heard to have had to expose herself in any way that could be considered innapropriate or sexist in order to achieve the amazing things she has achieved?

      Ever seen Marissa Mayer in any ‘playboy’ shoots?

      Think Oprah Winfrey ever considered taking her clothes off in order to further her career?



      So don’t generalise and brand men as sexist, which is EXACTLY what you are inferring, just because of one website’s posting policy.

      Men love seeing women in various states of dress and undress. That is NATURE, and it is instinctual. Don’t like the fact? Fine, the trip to Mars should be setting out 2024. Just make sure their ‘female only’ policy is in place, and off you go.

      Oh – and a quick google search will reveal there are THOUSANDS of male cosplayers with ‘their junk hanging out’ all over the internet, if that is what YOU want to see.

  • wesley james.

    No Xena….

  • GreyMatter

    Catwoman is PURRRFECT!!!

  • Astragali

    I’m surprised that Jessica Nigri didn’t make this list – not that there’s anything wrong with the cosplayers who did!

  • Sarah Collier

    Cosplay should not be an opportunity for women to be a complete slut.