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What Do You Guys Think Of Plus Sized Model Viktoria….Hot Or Not?

November 26, 2013 | 24 Comments » | Topics: Babes

cuvy viktoria

cuvy viktoria

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  • GT

    yea, pretty hot

  • galf

    not bad. But definitely not because she’s a plus sized model. She would be a lot hotter if she lost quite a few pounds

  • uber


  • Nicholas Brent Byrd

    Busty does not qualify as plus-sized on it’s own, if you seriously consider her plus sized I’m not sure how to help you. The original model IS plus sized, honestly the biggest thing working against her is the shortness of her neck giving it a rolling effect.

    • jaczor

      Christina Hendricks is definitely considered a plus sized model by totay’s standards, she’s not only busty, she has a large frame and lots of curves.

      • Nicholas Brent Byrd

        Sadly you are probably correct, my personal perceptions simply differ from those of fashionistas. I am fine with skinny/petite women, but not when they try to hold up someone who appears to have anorexia as a standard, and that’s not some form of ill-placed jab, my sister-in-law was anorexic and it very nearly killed her.

        • jaczor

          I understand what you are saying and I don’t find the fashion/beauty contests standards attractive either, but I can also say that there is a big difference between skinny, normal, a little overweight, overweight and obese.

          The girl in this post is overweight, if her upper body had the same proportions as her lower body she would be obese, and she is quite far from what I consider a normal, healthy looking woman, which should be at around 20-22% bodyfat, even 25%, depending on her frame. I’m guessing she is between 35-40%.

  • Jorge de la Pena

    Not at all

  • steve

    Absolutely hot.

  • bobcollum

    Fatty, and I don’t mind me some curves either.

  • JohnnyIgaloo

    What makes her a model? Because she posed for some photos?

  • MrBill

    Not hot in any way using any standard

  • sws4420

    She’s not a plus-sized model, she’s a fat woman.

  • Shockwave

    I am firmly in the camp of “HELL YES I WOULD”.

  • viking ja

    really, you have to ask Hell yes!

  • Peter Parker

    Christina Hedricks is a plus breasts model.

  • jo

    thumbs up

  • not a brotha

    Hell no. She’s fat. Nothing beautiful about that gluten filled, pre-diabetes body of hers. Lose 50 and we’ll talk. I can dig plus sized girls that are like 20-30 lbs overweight but she’s a few krispy kreme trips too much.

  • jt

    I’d tap that!

  • KpH

    Everyone is beautiful if they have a good attitude and self confidence. She looks to have both of these qualities, I vote hot.

  • FuckFace

    enough bullshit questions, does she swallow and do anal?

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