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November 29, 2013 | 2 Comments » | Topics: FAIL

How did THIS become a tradition? The day after we give thanks for our friends and family, we rush to the stores, trample, kick, punch and kill each other for discounted toasters and tvs. We’re Too lazy to get on the streets to protest against the mass NSA spying and the violations of our own Amendments. But when it comes to a few hundred dollars off a flat screen TV, we rush by the hordes to participate in these clusterfucks. The media has thoroughly brainwashed us to consume and its fucking us up.

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  • bobcollum

    These are the ignorant trash of this country, they’re fucked no matter what. The media isn’t to blame, I’m subject to the same advertisements, but you couldn’t pay me to participate in that bullshit, because I’m not ignorant trash. It sounds horrible, but releasing gas into the stores next year may be our only hope. The collective IQ of this country would increase drastically overnight.

  • KpH

    The constant bombarding of ads to shop and spend is pretty sickening. Thumbs up CIRCUS for standing up