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Can We Universally Agree That This Curvy Girl Is Hot?

November 29, 2013 | 13 Comments » | Topics: Babes



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  • portrade

    LOL no

    • Big Bad Booty Daddy

      You sir love the meat pole

  • mannen


  • Shockwave

    Yes, she’s hot, for sure. 😀 I love curvy, thick women.

  • bobcollum

    Yes, absolutely.

  • sws4420


  • TJC62


  • John

    Rose Jaye – Model and hard core porn star

  • John

    Why delete my comment identifying her a porn star?

    • John

      Apologies, I didn’t realise there was a delay in posts appearing.

  • notachubbychaser

    hell fucking no

  • Gaby

    Hot as hell

  • The_El_Conquistador

    Sorry, there is hotter at any mall in the USA. I guess if you have low standards or low self esteem…