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November 30, 2013 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

Being a female, you’ll never understand the horrors us men had to endure as teenagers during the rise of digtal porn. The days of dial up affected us all terribly. They were grin times. Did we have videos?! Hah! We had to wait one edge for a single image to load on the screen. As internet speed increased so did the arnount we could access. Limewire became a new source. A new haven. But you never knew what you were getting and it always seemed to be the same clips circling around under different titles. I remember Chalrie waited days for his to download. In the end it turned out to be nothing more than an add to download mp3’s. He never made it, poor Charie. The blue balls got to him in the end. Those times were hell on everyone. Then the uprising came. A road to a better and brighter world lied ahead. lntemet speeds were finally fast enough to stream videos. No more would we have to store our pornography, making sure our folders were carefully hidden to save embarrassment upon discovery. Good times to behad by all were just ahead. But alas, those tines never came. Because every site that offered streamed videos charged a fee and findng a site that offered it for free, but wasn’t full of malware, was like finting that one oasis in the desert. Sure we could watch the preview videos, but a 3 minute clip just isn’t enough damn it! And then it came. Salvation. After all the hardships we had to endure, the lnterret exploded with a flurry of full-length, free, streaming porn sites. This day is now known as ‘The Day of the White Seas’. We lost many good men to the porn drought of the ‘noughtes’ but we fought on and persevered to make a better fapping world for the generations to come. We have overcame!

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  • R. Grimmes

    Why is everyone too ashamed to comment something? Hahaha… Silence gives consent.

  • Daznuts

    Obviously there was no room on that disk for a spell checker…

  • lol

    agreed daz