hot babes
One hand is not enough for all these facepalms

hot babes
Props to the comedic genius who made THIS!

hot babes
This man hasn't showered in 60 YEARS!

hot babes
Young woman's last few months of life via Twitter

hot babes
Never Forget. This Was Part Of Our History

Laura Will Help Ease Our Monday Pains

December 9, 2013 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Babes




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  • GreyMatter

    Plain…hot…plain…hot….etc., etc.! The power of makeup & hairstyle!

  • you_must_be_a_crack_baby

    Shitty tattoos ruin a girl’s appearance every time.

  • Big Bad Booty Daddy

    You guys are too nitpicky…who cares if she has a tattoo…would you not fuck her because of it??

  • MrBill

    Can she wash that ink off of her body? Ugh!

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