This Is How Much It Cost To Treat An Appendicitis In America

December 28, 2013 | 14 Comments » | Topics: WTF

First page (front)

The cover page of sorts. You can see the original total up at the top. Thankfully I was still on my dad’s insurance for another month or so. $55,029,.31 would have been way too much for me to pay on my own. Then again $11,119.53 is still a ton at this time in my life.

First page (back)

First page (back)

The services I received. I think you can see how outrageous some of these costs are. Such as the Recovery Room that I was in for maybe two hours. Or the Room and Board that I had for one night. Or maybe the $4,500 worth of anesthesia they supposedly used on me.

Second page

Second page

The rest of the services. $16,000 for the actual surgery.

(via Reddit)

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  • in belgium it’s free. So i’m pretty rich.

  • Deads

    Damn that is fucked up especially the price for the CT scan, Room and Board and the recovery room.

    Looking at what they charge for the CT scan im guessing they buy a new scanner every month?
    I had an MRI scan 2 years ago and it cost less then 400 euro.
    And from what i have been told MRI scans tend to cost more then CT scans.

    Im also guessing the recovery room was in a 5 star hotel and you had 2 hot babes making all your wishes come true?

    This would be hilarious if it werent so sad.

    • I wonder what the difference between the number of MRI and CT scanners per city/hospital, as well as the age of said equipment is, between the US and where you are from.

      • Deads

        Wel the Netherlands are a modern/wealthy country so i doubt there is a age gap between the scanners in the US and the Netherlands.

        You can Google the buying price of a CT scanner and if you consider the price of the scanner and see how much he is charged for a scan the mark up is huge.
        Yes ofc the cost of the people controlling the device and energy is also includied in the cost price but then the mark up is stil absurd.

  • bobcollum

    Cue the “obamacare” comments…

    • Bob Frapples

      Cue the liberal moron’s who think heathcare is a right owed to them.

  • Room and board at a hotel isn’t the same as spending the night at a hotel. How much equipment is attached to you? How many nurses monitor you and the equipment?

    Same with the recovery room, it’s a bit more than that waiting room at the dentist, you have all kinds of things going on while you are in there.

    A lot of these may be billed as one line item, but they could be broken down in to a number of items.

    I’m not saying that there isn’t a huge markup on some of these, just that it isn’t necessarily as high as some people think.

    • Deads

      This is ofc true, the cost of the recovery room wil be the bed that you are occupying, possible an IV, a possible heart monitor, them bringing you from surgery to recovery, clean sheets etc and ofc the staff that keeps an eye on the people in the recovery room.

      But the mark up is huge trust me.
      Other countrys also have hospitals yet those hospitals dont end up charging such absurd prices.
      And yes the quality of care/treatment is the same level.

      Just check the Pharmacy item on the bill.
      Pharmacy is basicly the box of pills they gave the patient when he went home and maybe 1 or 2 pills he got after surgery.

      A while ago i read a similar story. The guy freaked out and wanted a break down from the hospital. Turned out he had to pay 4 digits for a few painpills and a few asperin.

      A known issue in US hospitals is also double billing.
      you said a lot of those items can be broken down to a number of
      items/services. But often the same service will be added to diffrent
      items. So you basicly end up paying more then once for the same thing.

  • Bert macklin

    As shit as the NHS is in Britain, those costs are extortionate. America is one big money hungry corporation.

  • tim
  • Bob Frapples

    I guess surgery should be free. Shit, food should be free too. Why should people have to work? I should be allowed to have a ton of shit, not have to work for anything, not pay for anything….

    pffft… see how many people go into the medical field when you assholes keep wanting “free” healthcare.

  • Southern Yankee

    I can’t wait to see the bill when it is “free” Then beaurocrats in DC will decide and there will be another layer between you and your doctor or nurse. Of course a government worker will be there for life with a pension beyond thatn as well

  • ThatNorwegianDude

    Healthcare should be provided by the government to the people, that is what we pay taxes for.. (and a ton of other things aswell..)
    A few years back I spent 36 hours at a hospital, In wich I reccieved the following: 4 hours at the ER, the next 32 hours in a monitoring room, I had two EKG’s, Heart monitor through the night, dinner, breakfast, Several X-ray scans, blood tests, nurses attending to me, doctors that came and checked my test and on and on, And I discharged myself as they found nothing. But they wanted me to stay longer for more tests and such ( came iin later for those ) All in all this cost the the whopping amount of 90-ish dollars.. Just a symbolic amount as the hospitals are subsidised by the government by our tax dollars!

  • Mugurel

    Sorry to read about this shit…sometimes I really find it hard to believe that it is happening in the States