This Will Make You Lose Faith In Our Youth: 600 Teens Violently Mob Movie Theater in Florida & 400 Take Part in Violent Mob in New York Mall

December 30, 2013 | 6 Comments » | Topics: WTF

On Christmas Night over 600 kids and teenagers swarmed a movie theater in Jacksonville, Florida violently attacking moviegoers, an off duty police officer, and each other in one of the largest flash mobs to date. Somewhere around 600 crazed teens swarmed the theater attacking people and stealing everything in sight. 62 police officers were dispatched to the theater, where they had to fire pepper spray into the crowd to get them to disperse.

At the same time, another flash mob swarmed a mall in  Brooklyn, New York. In this case, over 400 teens stormed a Brooklyn mall violently attacking security guards, shoppers and each other. Local reports say that while part of the flash mob was violently raiding stores around the mall, another large group of teens strategically targeted innocent shoppers as part of the now infamous knockout game.

According to police, the teens in both areas used social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to plan the violent attacks and mass looting events. Even while events unfolded, teens were still taking to the internet to brag about beating up innocent people and looting stores.

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  • Kyle

    I think you’re forgetting the fact that this is Florida we’re talking about. Not exactly “land of the brilliant” here.

  • jaczor

    Throw them all in a huge cage and have them fight until only one is left standing, it would make a fine pay per view event.

  • WTF

    Teens are all fucked in the head….send these bastards to Afghanistan.

  • galf

    “They axing you for your ID”
    WTF is wrong with kids these days?

  • BuzzHigginbotham

    gotta love how the admin white wash the fact these acts were carried out by primarily Black kids, get ready folks race riots coming to your neighborhood soon, better lock and load

  • hate these FUCKERS!

    If you vote me President I promise I will have them all deported with all the other looser fuckwads that are now demonstrating or marching,to a desert island I have found that has no natural resources and was used back in the 60 s for nuke testing and is still very radioactive and shall be for several thousand years!!! There they will find no food water or clothing to be found!!! Ever!!!! Average life rot is at most 4 weeks of extreme pain and acute suffering!!!!!