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Reaction GIFs: Drunk On New Years Eve Edition

December 31, 2013 | No Comments » | Topics: GIFs

Getting to the point where you’re too drunk to really follow the conversation anymore…


When I’m already drunk and somebody offers me a drink


Trying to eat at 3 am while drunk on the couch


When I’m drunk at a party and someone introduces them self to me.


When I tell my friends I am going to get another drink, while already drunk…


When I’m drunk and try to order food 


When I”m drunk at a party and I look in the mirror


When I’m drunk and someone asks me if I’m drunk


When youre drunk and notice somebody is taking a photo of you


When I’m drunk and getting food at the end of the night 


Whenever my drunk friend is around black people


When I’m drunk at a bar and a friend asks a cute girl if she’s met me yet


When our DD ends up getting drunk


When I realized I drunk texted my ex last night 


My friend is really drunk at a party and this really ugly chick is trying to take him home


When I’m drunk and I can’t get it up. Then the girl I’m with starts giving me a blow job to help me out.


When someone drunk is talking to you


When my friends inform me the next day about what I did while I was blackout drunk

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