Anderson Silva Smiling Again Post Surgery

January 2, 2014 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Sports

Here’s a picture Anderson Silva recently posted on his Twitter. It’s good to see him smiling again and not writhing on the floor in complete agony. UFC also released a video of his orthopedic surgeon describing in detail what was required to stabilize his leg after the gut wrenching injury. It’s good to know that he is in good hands. We wish Anderson a speedy recovery and you’re still the GOAT!

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  • EF

    Thanks for posting this. Ever since the fight I’ve been so sad about the whole thing and refused to read anything UFC related. This made me feel a lot better. Anderson is still the greatest fighter ever. Chris Weidman was lucky. Twice. He is overated and still has prove to the world that he is a real champ.

  • Anderson

    No he wasn’t lucky, silva almost passed out during the first round, luckily, he was able to hold on. Silva was the lucky one. Silva is a great fighter, but he is too cocky, his head got too big and maybe that was why weidman was able to hit it easily.Weidman is the real deal, he has zero losses, he KO’d silva during the first fight, and almost KO’d him in the second. If Silva is the better fighter, then I don’t know how the hell he keeps losing to the same guy.

    • Chris

      I will tell you how… There was nothing competitive about those fights. First fight: Anderson got stupid cocky and lost. He had done that once before in Dubai and everyone thought he had learned a lesson bc Dana was pissed. Chris won by Anderson’s stupidity not because he was competitive. Second fight: Anderson gets rocked but quickly recovers (all fighters get rocked and most hold on and comeback). Notice that Anderson was not cocky this time. He was ready to fight. But then a FREAK accident happens. Again, Chris won by luck not because he was competitive. End of story.

      • BigBadBootyMacDaddy

        In the second fight of the first round, Chris was a few shots away from the fight being called and even if the freak accident didn’t take place, I still think he would have won the fight. I love Anderson, but he is 38 years old, past his prime and that fire isn’t there anymore. I have four words for Chris….Vitor, Jacare, Lyoto, Moussasi