Holy Fu*k, Kim Jung Un Reportedly Fed Naked Uncle To A Pack Of Starving Dogs

January 4, 2014 | 6 Comments » | Topics: WTF

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un sentenced his uncle to be eaten alive by a pack of 120 wild dogs in a savage punishment for treachery, it has been claimed.

Jang Song-Thaek, 67, along with five close aides, was stripped naked and thrown into a cage of hounds which had been starved for three days, according to new details emerging from China.

The pack of animals spent more than an hour mauling the group in a punishment called “quan jue”, or execution by dogs, a report in Chinese newspaper Wen Wei Po said.

The report added the entire process was supervised by Kim, 30, along with 300 senior officials.

The tyrannical leader of the communist state had accused his uncle – once seen as North Korea’s second most powerful man – of treason and corruption and described him as “scum” and “factionalist filth” during his recent New Year message.

Unlike previous executions of political prisoners, which were carried out by firing squads with machine guns, this extraordinary sentence seems to have been specially reserved for the most hated in North Korean society.

In related news, it was reported that North Korea is the second ‘Happiest Place On Earth‘, according to an index compiled by experts in… North Korea. China comes out on top of the list. America? Dead last.

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  • calmdownbro

    The list should contain the numbers of people allowed to complain.
    North Korea? 0.
    China? Maybe one, or two.

    The US? People take it as a constitutional right, so everyone complains.

  • rod

    WOW. I don’t understand how anyone can do this to another person. Not to mention actually watch it happening.

    • Valerie Perez

      A lot of people can and have done a lot worse.

    • Valerie Perez


  • This is extremely confusing. I thought they ate dogs, not vice versa.

  • Guest

    pic comment?