I’m Going To Get A Lot Of Heat For Posting Pictures Of Cleo Fernandes, But Let He Who Would Not Hit This, Cast The First Stone

January 23, 2014 | 36 Comments » | Topics: Babes

cleo fernandes

cleo fernandes

cleo fernandes


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  • /NQ

    LOL cast first stone? i’ll cast a boulder. you’ve lost it

  • rock

    pass… but id be in favor of getting some head from her

  • Josh Mendoza

    I cant even lie, im not a fan of big girls….but she has a gorgeous face. i would give her the some supplemental vitamin D

  • Dano

    she’s better than half of the ugly 70 lb bitches posted here. GREAT POST!

  • Locked

    Would do

  • BigBadBootyMacDaddy

    You have to be GAY if you wouldn’t hit this!

  • NotAChance

    I’d hit that…with a gym membership

  • Audiopathik

    I would hit that and more!

  • Rahm Emanuel

    I am willing to bet the haters here all are first runners up for sexiest man alive…douche bags…

    • ND52

      When did stating your personal opinion qualify one as a douche bag?

      • aerial_assault_tc

        Passing judgement on the imperfections of someone you don’t know when you’re less than a perfect specimen yourself is incredibly hypocritical and douchetastic.

        • ND52

          Really @aerial_assault_tc:disqus? Well I guess that makes beauty pageant judges, bodybuilding judges, football coaches and many, many more people in our society douche-bags then.

          Don’t want people to “pass judgement” on you? Then don’t pose for pictures wearing a skimpy bikini!

          Get yourself a dictionary and learn the definition of “hypocritical”.

          • aerial_assault_tc

            Talk about comparing apples to oranges… There’s a huuuuuuuuuuuge difference between a panel judge in a competition and some anonymous Internet a-hole looking to tear someone down to feel better about themselves.

            • ND52

              No there’s not—-not a bit. Simon Cowell tears down people all_the_time on television. I don’t need an official forum to express my opinion.

              You sound like quite the authority follower @aerial_assault_tc:disqus

  • T Green

    Yes Yes Yes!
    Love skinny girls, Love thick girls
    Keep up the great postings, thick beauties don’t get enough love on the web

  • galf

    think of how much hotter she would be if she lost 60 lbs

    • Me

      She’s staying heavy, eating tons of pasta and cookies, worried that if she loses the weight, she won’t get work as a plus sized model, most likely. That, and it’s an excuse to keep eating cookie dough.

  • Gin n Tonic

    I’d hit it repeatedly and with great vigor.

  • Shockwave

    I love thick women and chubby women, so the answer is a resounding FUCK YES. Big gurls know how to fuck.

  • jaczor

    Eh, maybe if I was drunk and she came on to me. Needs to loose about 50lbs

  • juanichi

    I would hit that so hard…

  • John

    Good looking girl with a nice natural figure. Nothing wrong with that. I’d probably pick her over some stick figure.

  • rick

    Do you see those thighs!? NOPE

    • aerial_assault_tc

      I’m loving those thighs. Would feel great wrapped around my waist as I make sweet, sweet love to her

  • Jethro Bodine

    You better be in a Peterbilt if you hit that…. anything smaller and you’ll be a dead motherfucker

  • Johnny Sarcastic

    The only heat I’m going to give you is that you give half a shit what people think on the internet.

  • Amador

    Hell Yes I would. Women who are thick or chubby are more fun.

  • vanderkonig

    Damn she’s SO HOT!!!

  • ott

    The only pic I didn’t like was the last one. I wouldn’t say she’s fat. Chubby yeah, and if she lost like 20lbs she would look amazing. Her curves are all in the right places. It’s that couple of rolls… I’d still hit it though lol

    • aerial_assault_tc

      I’m sure you’re a perfect specimen of what a man is supposed to be, right?

      • ott

        I’m not saying that at all. I think she’s beautiful. All I was saying is that for modeling purposes that last picture doesn’t look as good as the rest of them. I was really only commenting on that last picture. Note where I said “the only picture I didn’t like was the last one” thanks.

  • boblabla

    she’s good as she is, she doesn’t have to lose a bit of weight to be more beautiful, this isn’t a ‘chubby chaser’ thing, she is a beautiful, healthy women. healthy being a broad term and encompassing many different body figures (like dress size 5-15). and we really need to lose the modifier, she’s a model, end of job title. i would go after her and women like her before i would be attracted to the social expectation of a skinny woman.

    • aerial_assault_tc

      Most importantly, she seems comfortable and confident with her body type, which is far more of an attractive quality than any physical measurement.
      My main problem with skinny chicks is how most of them have such an unhealthy obsession with their weight and unrealistic goals and self-images. A 5’6″ woman who weighs 90 pounds should NOT think she’s still fat.

  • Me

    Depends on if she can take a punch or not.

  • William

    Absolutely magnificent !

  • william handley

    looking long black dress