The Cost Of A Hip Replacement In The U.S.

January 30, 2014 | 21 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

hip replacement in the US

(via IWasteSoMuchTime)

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  • Einar

    Yes but you must remember that there are no American Ceo’s, share holders, board of directors or doctors who gets filthy rich of your pain and misery if you do that surgery in another country.

  • Jackie

    you forgot the part were you need to wait 4yrs to get your case assigned and when you do see the doctor he makes the same pay as a post office worker you dont get to pick
    he or she or the treatment. Also, you forgot to metion how yor tax for that surgry will be another 10,000. the gras is int alays greener.

    • twerps make stupid lists

      Spanish Doctor paid the same as a Post Office worker….. Yeah keep on believing what American media tell you, you pleb…. You make it so easy for them.

  • Sandra

    Im more offended for the fact that the guy is actually dress like a Mexican, with a mexican hat that this whole post. Plus its not true. Its free for us, spaniards cause with our taxes we pay that social system, but I think for an american they will send the bill home.

  • jabrony

    Dumb fuck Americans. They can barely read or write or for an intelligible comment on any forum. Keep voting for your fearless leaders of democracy. It seems to be working well for you.

    • Garrett Staats

      Indeed. Dumb Fuck Americans. How’s your unemployment rate, there, buddy? Oh, and lets discuss about how 2 out of 3 of the greatest writers of all time come from the US, shall we?

      • eninnlegger

        2 out of the 3 greatest english-writing perhaps… Mark Twain is certainly up there, but he was quite the critic of the system himself.

        And FYI: Here in Norway, a hip replacement is free of charge, and our unemployment rate is currently 3.4% while in the US it’s 6.7%.

        • Garrett Staats

          Yes, but you fail to mention that you are taxed over 50% of your total earnings, also.

          • eninnlegger

            Depends on a lot of things. People with average wages usually get away with paying 30-35% income tax. VAT is also 25% on most products except food. Also, there’s special taxes on everything that’s “bad for you or the planet”, like cars, fuel, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. making these products ridiculously expensive. On the other hand, average wages in Norway are 27% higher than in the US, and the differences between poor and rich are much smaller, meaning that a higher % of the population get decent salaries.

            • Republicans

              Garrett just got buurrrnn. Eninnlegger, it’s doesn’t matter how intelligent your post is with facts and stats, people like Garrett are already set in theirs ways. ‘Murica!

              • dasf

                Oh you’re so smart, so superior, you let your society become fearful and effeminated, let unelected corrupt shady politicians rule you from Brussels, pay more than half your income in taxes to support the hundreds of thousand of immigrants you let in every year cause most of you are faggots and can’t bear children, so you have to take millions of unasimilable hostile murderous muslims who live off imbeciles like you, raping your women, killing you and taking over your country, and to top it off you protest in the streets for the rights of muslims to do whatever they please in your faggot country, you’re so fucking done for, you colossal fucking stupid moron.

            • janissary

              Is there really only 5 million people living there?

              • eninnlegger

                yup. Should mean it’s really big and empty, but most of it is uninhabitable mountains, so 5 million is a good size population.

        • Garrett Staats

          Also, in Norway – If a 35 year old Erik, decides that he doesn’t like being a man anymore, I bet you have to pay for his gender-reassignment surgery, plastic surgery, psychiatrist bills, prescriptions…etc.

          • eninnlegger

            not the surgery, but the psychiatrist bills when he discovers what he’s done!

            • Fractal Vortices

              Don’t be insultative, subhumans like Garrett are working on the cliche transpeople are pacifists, I’m peace loving but I’ll defend myself with the correct force when attacked. I wont be hiding in a gang like a f’ing crybaby fuck that he is.

          • Fractal Vortices

            Oi rat hide in your military and continue your murder, rape and steal for your economically super rich masters, damn bitch coming on here pretending to be tough.

        • dasf

          Norway? What Norway? You’ll be herding goats and lifting your assholes to allah in no time, faggots.

      • Mitt Zombie

        Garrett you dumb pussy, how is that Socialist job of yours? Quit leeching off of my taxes you homo!

  • Choey

    If you really want to beat the cost, go to a veterinary hospital. The cost for a hip replacement for my St. Bernard was $3500 plus 3 days room and board and 3 days physical therapy. Total cost was approx $4500.00.

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