20 Fascinating Photos Collected From History

February 6, 2014 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Interesting

April 11th, 1909: About 100 people participate in a lottery to equally divide a 12-acre plot of sand dunes they’ve purchased, that would later become the city of Tel Aviv, Israel


Soviet officers at the open casket of cosmonaut and Soyuz 1 pilot Vladimir Komarov in 1967


Creature From The Black Lagoon high res production still. 1954 


A meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club, early 1930s


“Equipment carried by a parachutist radio operator”, ca.1940’s


Camp Commandant Amon Goeth, infamous from the movie “Schindler’s List”, on the balcony of his house overlooking Plaszow labor camp, Poland . 1943-44.


Children for sale in Chicago , 1948. Some parents sold their children due to poverty


Cabinet Ministers lined up to be executed after a coup d’état in Liberia, 1980


March blizzard in North Dakota, 1966. Caption jokingly reads “I believe there is a train under here somewhere!”


In 1913 it was legal to mail children. With stamps attached to their clothing, caveman circus children rode trains to their destinations, accompanied by letter carriers


Crew of the Japanese carrier Zuikaku give one final banzai cheer before the ship sinks. 1944


Howard Carter Looking through the Open Doors of Tutankhamun’s Second Shrine, January 1924


The White House kitchen, circa 1909


Adolf Hitler’s 4th grade class, 1899. The fuhrer-to-be can be seen top row, dead center


Civil rights protesters endure jeers, harassment, and being covered in ketchup and sugar at a sit-in in Jackson Mississippi, 1963


The headquarters of Benito Mussolini and the Italian Fascist party, 1934


Apollo 1 crew crossing the access arm to the command module on January 27, 1967


Spectators standing upon couches, tables and chairs to get even a glimpse of the Versailles Treaty being signed, France, 1919


Che Guevara greeting a woman in North Korea


An American manufacturing plant camouflaged under a fake neighborhood during WWII , 1944

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  • bobcollum

    I continue to love these.