Put Oakland On The List Of Places You Should Never Ever Visit

February 17, 2014 | 7 Comments » | Topics: WTF

When the police are scared and won’t even do anything, that’s how you know you got to get the fuck outta there. Take it from Brentbucci:

So, I live in Oakland, on the corner of high street and San Pablo, one block from International Blvd. I can tell you firsthand that the police, local government, and even the people that live here are tolerant of behaviors and living conditions that would shock most Americans. From rampant gang violence, to regular break-ins and robberies (on average, two cars get broken into at my complex every month), the worst areas of Oakland are similar to a third world country. The irony is, within three blocks of my neighborhood in the other direction is the city of Alameda, one of the most well funded, highest income areas in the east bay.

Our Mayor should be held responsible for this. She has failed us. Crime is up 400 percent under her tenure. Our police force is corrupt, understaffed, and underfunded. Our city streets are cracked and falling apart. Our city zoning laws for derelict and destroyed houses are never enforced. Trucks constantly use our neighborhood to dump loads of trash, which creates more problems. Oakland’s leadership does not care about us. They care about attracting business to downtown. The sad truth is that the poor areas of Oakland would be better off as a separate city. At least then, we wouldn’t have to deal with the beaurocratic, corrupt, and inefficient city officials and infrastructure that is holding us back.

There are no easy solutions, however nothing is working.

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  • RAy

    Dave Chapelle “welcome to oakland!! click, click!!! lol

  • D

    “The people that live here are tolerant of behaviors and living conditions that would shock most Americans.”
    and then
    “Our Mayor should be held responsible for this.”
    Really? Thousands of grown folks acting like animals, and one person should be blamed for not fixing them? Anyone who expects an individual politician to fix everything is screwed from the get-go.

  • jakee308

    It’s always fascinated me that one similarity about all of these cities that are hellholes is never ever mentioned.

    We never hear it mentioned or even hinted at as possibly being the cause of the underlying barbarism and decay that highlight these cities.

    Not even a mention of the congruent lack is mentioned. No it’s always the political parties (which may have some slight effect but is not the root cause), or the bad financial decisions (which may correlate to the party’s that usually attain/retain power) nor is it the benefits paid out to the poor or the unions that’s focused on.

    We can even find similar situations overseas that are quite common on an entire continent. And that have resisted money and ideas of other nations in trying to raise them up.

    No, there’s really only one major reason that cities and even companies become moribund and decline into chaos and bankruptcy (and in the case of cities becomes a savage, barbaric pit of filth, disease, drug use and decay) when this factor becomes larger than the factors offsetting it.

    Can you guess what that factor is?

    • Bob Frapples

      I’ll take “Race” for a $1000, Alex.

    • Ted Cruise

      Its not race, its poverty. Poverty and desperation breed criminality. There are races of all types in the ghettos of Oakland, And when you have no authority enforcing laws, you are going to have chaos.

  • BigBadBootyMacDaddy

    Just drop a nuke and clear that place out quick!

  • Claude Wadsworth

    poverty is not the cause,,, I grew up in west central Alabama. we barely had the necessary ingredients to sustain life , there was NO CRIME no one locked their doors.
    family’s stayed together , neighbors helped each other. I am 78 years old I know what I am talking about. being poor does not breed crime…MORAL DECAY breeds CRIME..
    the people you are referring as being in poverty, live in free housing, have cell phones free groceries free every thing, they don’t need or want jobs. therein lies the problem that breeds moral decay and that breeds crime….people just don’t care…..