A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos

February 24, 2014 | 21 Comments » | Topics: main

Mexican Cartel Leader Took Part In Gender Reassignment Surgery To Elude Authorities


China’s thick pollution rolling into San Francisco


Incredible genetics, this woman is 55 years old


Massive Fossil From Prehistoric Snail That Lived Amongst The Dinosaurs


This Is Why You Don’t Mess With Colombian Soccer Fans


Photo sneaked out of the Skull and Bones ritual in Rothbury, Michigan.


Giant Snake In Durban South Africa Shot And Killed After It Consumed A Villager


Hubble Telescope Earliest Photograph Of The Universe, 50,000 Million Light Years After The Big Bang


This Man Has Spent The Last 30 Years Of His Life Meditating In The Same Spot, He Breaks Only To Eat, Sleep And Go To The Bathroom


Stairs leading up Mt. Huashan, China


Inside A 50 Kiloton Nuclear Bomb


This 388 Year Old Tree Survived The Hiroshima Blast


Scientist In Japan Have Created A Fusion Reactor Capable Of Suppyling Power To An Entire City At 1/1000 The Cost Of Conventional Energy


North Korean Olympian Crying After Not Medaling. His Entire Family Will Be Forced To Work In A Labor Camp For 10 Years


1 in every 200 humans on earth are direct descendants of this  100,000 year old fossil found in Africa


Power Lines In Iceland


The real life Rocky Dennis 

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  • Einar

    Michael Cudd’s got it right I used http://www.google.com/imghp on the photo and yes she’s 28 year old Cheryl Scott.

  • Razz

    The “Columbian” soccer riot is a scene from the movie “The Warriors” set in Brooklyn. Note the American football helmet, derp.

  • George

    Yea, i also looked up the girl. Lets make a “fascinating photos” article and start putting bullshit in it for people to read. Wtf is going on with this site. Makes you wonder what other shit they plagiarize or just down right make up. Sites going to shit again…

  • donttouchme

    That photo from Michigan isn’t from a Skulls and Bones ceremony, it’s from the EDM festival Electric Forest

  • Mike

    The picture of the tree that “survived the Hiroshima blast” is of a Japanes maple inPortland, Oregon. The same picture has been shown on this blog in previous “Nature is beautiful” type posts.

    The fossil shell shown is not from a snail, but from an ammonite, extinct marine animals much more closely related to squid and octopus than snails.

  • Mike

    The skull pictured is that of an “Austropithecus sediba”, a very ancient homin, and this individual is undoubtedly not the ancestor of 0.5% of the world population.

    The athlete shown crying is not an Olympian, he is Jong Tea-Se, a member of the North Korean 2010 World Cupfootball team. The claim about his family is utter horsecrap.

    I’m fond of this blog, but not fond of people attempting to bullsh*t me.

  • steppie

    Actually, that “Colombian” picture is from the movie “The Wanderers”. Either way, a fake.

  • Nova

    The hubble picture is a nebula, not what the text says. Also nobodys also been able to build a working fusion reactor yet. Are any of these pictures correct :p

  • disappointed

    Most of these are bullshit. Dude, what the hell?

  • aldro cherres

    stupid n fake pictures

  • Sven

    A light year is a distance (the distance light travels in a year in a vaccuum), not a notation of time.

  • wrwa

    90% of these are bullshit, as soon as i saw that china smog thing i knew this post was a fail.

  • Gray

    Wow, some seriously tetchy people commenting here. Calm the fuck down already. It’s obvious the pics aren’t supposed to be taken seriously, but frankly I’m not sure what purpose they serve.

  • Bri

    I’m astonished at how many of these are obviously fake. Caveman Circus usually has such high quality content!

  • Troll

    WTF…Its not a nuclear bomb, its a dark matter detector…
    welcome to the internet


    the “prehistoric snail” is actually a setpiece from some documentary on the history of life

    reddit blew this one up already

  • Mike

    I really hope this was a big fat troll

  • Don

    Giant snake eats a villager in Durban South Africa, WTF are you guys doing on this site? Durban is a CITY which I live in and I can tell you that there has never been a human eaten by a snake. Maybe you should think before spurting out words that are absolute BS!!!

  • Bob Frapples

    That’s not a picture of Rocky Dennis, it’s Joe Biden. Pfft!

  • Well played Caveman. Well played.

  • M

    Also, a fusion reactor capable of powering a city has not been created yet. Experimental reactors have been created, but not yet an operational commercial reactor.