A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos

February 24, 2014 | 21 Comments » | Topics: main

Mexican Cartel Leader Took Part In Gender Reassignment Surgery To Elude Authorities


China’s thick pollution rolling into San Francisco


Incredible genetics, this woman is 55 years old


Massive Fossil From Prehistoric Snail That Lived Amongst The Dinosaurs


This Is Why You Don’t Mess With Colombian Soccer Fans


Photo sneaked out of the Skull and Bones ritual in Rothbury, Michigan.


Giant Snake In Durban South Africa Shot And Killed After It Consumed A Villager


Hubble Telescope Earliest Photograph Of The Universe, 50,000 Million Light Years After The Big Bang


This Man Has Spent The Last 30 Years Of His Life Meditating In The Same Spot, He Breaks Only To Eat, Sleep And Go To The Bathroom


Stairs leading up Mt. Huashan, China


Inside A 50 Kiloton Nuclear Bomb


This 388 Year Old Tree Survived The Hiroshima Blast


Scientist In Japan Have Created A Fusion Reactor Capable Of Suppyling Power To An Entire City At 1/1000 The Cost Of Conventional Energy


North Korean Olympian Crying After Not Medaling. His Entire Family Will Be Forced To Work In A Labor Camp For 10 Years


1 in every 200 humans on earth are direct descendants of this  100,000 year old fossil found in Africa


Power Lines In Iceland


The real life Rocky Dennis