A Simple And Easy To Understand Explanation Of What The Hell Is Going On With Russia And The Ukraine

March 4, 2014 | 2 Comments » | Topics: main

What does Russia have to gain from invading such a poor country? Why are they doing this?

Because it contains a vital port – Sevastopol.

The Russians have to ask the Ukrainians for permission to use this port, they get a lease on it – they literally “rent” it.

This wasn’t difficult with a pro-Russian president in Ukraine, however the Russians are very worried now, because there’s been an uprising in Ukraine, and the pro-Russian president was turfed out, they may lose their lease on this port

If they lose the lease, they lose their power in the region. Putin is a very clever man, he knows that he can push a certain amount and there won’t be any military repercussions – no one is going to risk a massive war – so in a way he’s playing a game of bluff, he’ll push forces into Crimea, take Sevastopol all for himself – it’ll cost Russia money and international relations – but he obviously thinks that the gamble is worth it to control such a vital port

He doesn’t have any strong opposition at home (running in opposition is “difficult” in Russia) and he pretty much runs the media – so he can convince the Russians at home, and those in the Ukraine that he is merely trying to protect them – this is something a lot of them believe

Try not to think of countries as friends, but more as businesses – this is a hostile take-over, internationally it’s condemned, but to Putin, that naval port permanently in the hands of Russia is worth it

(via Reddit)

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