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Beautiful Story Of A Man Saving A Homeless Dog From Near Death – Ned Hardy

Hottest Pictures Of Manziel’s New Model Lauren Hanley – Knowd

Bruce Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Obsession is Getting Out of Hand – Crowd Ignite

Kimberly is a combat instructor at local gym (5 HQ Photos) – The Brigade

WTF?!? Pamela Anderson is starting to look like a grandma – Drunken Stefpather

Candice Swanepoel Thong Bikini Candids From Miami – Celebrity Ninja

10 Sexiest Celebrities We Saw at Last Night’s Oscars – Linkiest

Fascinating Facts That Will Surprise You (25 pics) – Leenks

This is Charlie Sheen’s new pornstar fiance – Bro My God

Britney Spears Shows Her Cleavage at Some Party – G-Celeb

Foods That Were Never on Fear Factor But Should Have Been – Double Viking

A Gallery of Rather Cool Fifth Element Concept Art – Unreality Mag

The 50 Funniest ‘Awkward Phase’ Photos – World Wide Interweb

Martha Hunt looks rather amazing in a bikini – Celeb Slam

Today’s Top 3 Supermodel Instagrams – Moe Jackson

Biliana Yotovska Is Very Warm-Blooded – Uncoached

Totally Top Heavy (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

Things That Make Us LOL! – OMG Cute Things

Ava is your hot college coed of the day – Big 10 Tens

Tara Marie Cervantes is too hot to not be on your radar (56 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Welcome To The Internet (35 Pics) – Radass

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