PSA Of The Day: Be Careful When Buying Or Selling Things Online

March 6, 2014 | 6 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

This scam is older than the internet but you’d be surprise by how many people still fall for it everyday. This is from The Underground

So here’s the story:

I’m in debt with bills from moving out on my own, bills, credit cards. So I decide to sell my laptop in order to make ends meet. It’s a MacBook Pro. Put it on Craig’s list for 1300 OBO. And got an offer from a guy named Gordon jones Roberts. 

Saying he would pay asking price plus an additional 125$ for international shipping to Nigeria “where his son works abroad” Now take note that the guy lives in the US so I thought it was legit and I was just taking care of his Shipping to his son. (Which it’s his Brithday so I included a happy birthday card from “mummy and daddy”) which is also a scam story which I was stupid enough to believe. 

He said he sent a pay pal payment to my email ****[email protected] which I got em email saying that 1425$ was pending into my account just waiting on a tracking number to complete the process. Sent in the tracking number and it said needed a couple hours to verify. 

Got an email today saying the money bounced because the payment was sent to ****[email protected]” WITH 2 n’s! So fucking stupid…

Three things to take from this story. 1. If you’re selling anything online and the buyer mentions anything Nigeria or any other country surrounding Nigeria, it’s most likely a scam. They’ll even try to dupe you by saying they are based in the US and at the very last minute when you’re ready to ship, to send it to Nigeria. 2. If someone right off the bat wants to buy your item for the full price and will even give you a little bit extra, it’s a scam. The lure of coming up on a sale neutralizes the rational part of your brain that says this is fradulent. If something is too good to be true…it usually is. 3. This motherfuckers will send you a fradulent email that comes from Paypal saying that the money is in your account, you’ll send the item thinking the money is there and when you go to check your account, all your hopes and dreams will be squashed as you read the balance to be $0.00. Can we just nuke Nigeria off the face of this planet already?

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  • bobcollum

    My thoughts on this as a regular buyer/seller on craigslist…if you don’t smell something shitty in the midst of these negotiations, you almost deserve it. I like to specifically state “cash only” and “will not ship” in my ads, not that it deters the retard scammers, but it allows me to verbally abuse them when they request it. It also seems that nearly all start with them asking if the item is still available, but legit folks at times also do it.

    Bottom line, if they’re offering you the asking price it’s weird, if they’re offering more than that, they’re full of shit. Nobody’s trying to give their money away.

  • jaczor

    Just the first two lines of the second paragraph were enough to know it was a scam, also, how do they “send you a fradulent email that comes from Paypal saying that the money is in your account”?? I’m guessing they sent him an email made to look like it came from Pay Pal, a little common sense a couple of functional brain cells would have alerted him to this.

    I’m not condoning the scammer’s behavior, but damn, when someone is stupid enough to go along with it so easily, it’s very hard for me to feel empathy, think a little before you send a 1300$ laptop to a complete stranger, it wasn’t even an elaborate scam.

  • BigBadBootyMacDaddy

    If a country’s main export is scams, we are morally and justifiably cleared to nuke the shit out of them. The internet would be a better place imho

  • Man do I have some prime swamp land in Florida for you…

  • FuckFace

    Serves you right for trusting a nigger in the first place, macfag..

  • smg45acp

    And who can forget the ever popular:
    alixdarbongab (signed in using yahoo)
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    Or some version of it. I see some version of this literally sometimes 50 times in one day.
    Why can’t they figure out how to filter it. It is always in the comments sections of websites.

    Everybody with the IQ of a plant knows what is going on here. The people “hire” you to work.
    And of course since you are working for them you need to give all of your personal information to your “employer”.
    And of course you have to give them your bank account so they can deposit your paychecks.

    Then they open lots of credit cards with your name and social security number and empty your bank account.