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chinese father of the year

A Chinese father in the Sichuan province walks his son to school every day. But this isn’t your typical father son stroll. Yu Xukang uses a specially constructed bamboo basket that he straps onto his back to carry his 12-year-old, Xiao Qiang, to school. Xiao is three feet tall and born with an undiagnosed disability that left him with a hunchback and twisted limbs. So every day, Yu walks eighteen miles across mountainous terrain to make sure his son gets an education. After a four-and-a-half mile journey to drop Xiao off, Yu heads back home to work in the fields. Later in the day he makes the same trip to take his son home.

chinese father of the year

Even though his body is disabled, Xiao Qiang’s mind is sound, and his father knows that. The only school that would take him is Fengxi Primary School, which is 5 miles away. “My son with his disabilities is not in a position to walk on his own and it also means that he can’t ride a bike,” 

chinese father of the year

So his dad carries him to school, walks back so he can work to provide for them both, then walks back to the school to pick up his son.

chinese father of the year

When the local government discovered just how many miles the father walked (approximately 1,600 so far), they offered to help him rent a room near the school in the future. That way, Xiao could stay at the top of his class.

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