Cot Damn! This Girl Is Smoking Hawt!

March 14, 2014 | 7 Comments » | Topics: Babes

beautiful hawaiian girls



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  • bobcollum


  • Me

    She looks like every other girl out there. Plain, unless they are hiding their flaws with tons of makeup. No offense, I just get tired of people putting girls on a pedestal. They are just like everyone else, except narcissistic, taking stupid pictures of their goofy faces over and over and over and….ugh. Sorry. As you can tell, I’ve been through Hell with the ladies, lol….

    • Justwokeup

      Hey at least ur honest, props to that. Although I have to disagree. She is one fine babe and look at dat ass!

  • vincent

    Seriously?? lol this guy is on drugs and i would like some. Shes decent, not “hawt”.

  • KA-POW

    Her face is a 7, body is a 8, ass is a 10!

  • KA-POW

    Her face is a 7, body is a 8, ass is a 10!

  • Mike M

    Not anything special to me.. she’s aiight, but I have seen much better