However Crappy Your Job Situation Is, Don’t Fall Into Those Multi-Level Marketing Traps!

March 17, 2014 | 5 Comments » | Topics: main, TRUTH

What is Mult-Level Marketing ?

A toy company convinces you to sell some of their toys to your friends and classmates. You get some compensation for the amount of toys you sell. Then they toy company tells you that if you can recruit your friends to sell toys too, you will get some compensation for all of the toys they sell too. And your friends can get more compensation for recruiting their friends. Which you also get compensated for for recruiting your friends. And so on, and so forth.

The Truth

You can see how this starts to look like a pyramid scheme where you get paid just for recruiting more people and those people recruit more people. And basically in all common sense of the term, multi-level marketing is just a re-branded pyramid scheme. However, the companies get away with it (pyramid schemes are very illegal) because there is a requirement of actually selling some units of whatever the product is. If you don’t ever sell anything, you don’t ever get paid.

The big problem with multi-level marketing is there is usually a high cost of entry. You are usually required to pay entry fees, purchase “training materials”, pay to go to “training seminars”. A lot have research as been done  and conclude that 99.6% of participants lose money.

MLM is a scam that’s just barely in the realm of legal. They are the modern form of a pyramid scheme.

The reason you can’t get a straight answer about it being a pyramid scheme is because it’s not technically a pyramid scheme. They also don’t want to scare you off. A legitimate business would be able to flat-out tell you it was legit & not have to make excuses.

It’s also naturally destructive to your relationships. Because you’re meant to recruit people to work underneath you, EVERYBODY YOU KNOW BECOMES A TARGET. This is unavoidable – especially if you believe in the product/service the MLM provides, like religion, you think you’re doing people a favor by offering them a great opportunity.

The reality is that most people feel ill about MLMs, but even more so; people do not like to be solicited… especially by someone they’re close to. By approaching people, it just cheapens the relationship.

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  • An

    Yes, don’t fall for MLM’s!

  • Victor Bustillos Tena

    Im sorry but you dont get paid from recruiting people. Also you dont have to buy anything at all. No seminars or product.

    Its true. People dont like to be solicited. Its a very tough business. The success rate translates to any field. It aint called The 1% for nothing.

    Its not easy. Its also not a cult or get rich quick scheme. Just another option.

    • BigBadBootyMacDaddy

      Which mlm do u work for?

      • Victor Bustillos Tena

        Hehe i dont work for a mlm. The thing is lots of people do. Not every mlm is a legal business. Some are scams. But some are legal. It just seems unfair to put them all in the same bag. By the way your nickname is awesome!

        • TripleD_kingpin

          are you listening to yourself? clearly you have experience scamming people with this mlm bullshit.